Aug 20 2015

Josh Duggar, Oy Vey

We’ve never been big fans of the Duggars. I wrote a piece for about the “quiverfull” movement awhile back (can’t find the link) in which I basically said that it was a lot of nonsense and they should stop having so many kids, but if they want to have so many kids, don’t use religion as an excuse for it. Also, don’t put the kids on reality TV shows. Now, with the news that Josh Duggar had an Ashley Madison account, I’d like to keep things simple. Josh Duggar, oy vey.

Details below.

The family of Jim Bob Duggar.

The family of Jim Bob Duggar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 2013, conservative reality TV star Josh Duggar—of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting fame—was named the executive director of the Family Research Council, a conservative lobbying group in D.C. which seeks “to champion marriage and family as the foundation of civilization, the seedbed of virtue, and the wellspring of society.” During that time, he also maintained a paid account on Ashley Madison, a web site created for the express purpose of cheating on your spouse.

Source: Family Values Activist Josh Duggar Had a Paid Ashley Madison Account (Gawker)

Jun 06 2014

Japanese Woman Divorces Husband Because He Didn’t Like ‘Frozen’

I haven’t seen Frozen yet, but apparently I’d better not dislike it if my wife decides she does. At least not if I want our marriage to last. I say this because a Japanese woman is getting a divorce from her husband because he didn’t like Frozen. Details are below.

This is not a picture from Frozen, the Disney film and pop-culture phenomenon. It’s just a frozen waterfall. But it’s a nice photo, isn’t it?

English: A frozen waterfall on the Wappinger C...
A frozen waterfall on the Wappinger Creek, Dutchess County, New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Japanese woman files for divorce over movie disagreement. (Digital Journal)

For more about divorce, check out Tip: Don’t Get Divorced (DaddyTips) and these two movies.

Kramer vs. Kramer DVD

Irreconcilable Differences

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Jul 30 2013

Weiner Stuff Not About His Wife – There Is No Carlita Danger

Juliana Margulies was asked about the Weiner stuff, which makes sense because of the character she plays on “The Good Wife.” (For the record, I have nothing against Juliana Margulies. At all. Happen to really like her a lot.) My point is, when politicians do what Weiner did (and seriously, let’s hope that isn’t very often because WOW IS CARLOS DANGER CREEPY), nobody should make it about his wife.

Weiner’s wife isn’t running for office. She is not Carlita Danger. How is this about her?  Seriously. She can do whatever she wants as far as I’m concerned. Do I wonder why she’d stay with him? Sure. But that’s between the two of them. It’s silly to blame or attack her in any way.

There’s also a doofy bit in the comments section of this story (which I should put in air quotes because it’s not really news, but whatever) knocking Hillary Clinton for “standing by her man” like Huma is. A commenter going by the moniker Beer Goggles (can’t make this stuff up) writes that he/she/it has “no empathy towards Power Hungry, TAMMY WYNETTE robot, Huma.” For our younger readers or those with poor memories, here is what Hillary actually said back in 1992.

Sorry, Beer Goggles. Not quite accurate. Good try though.

‘Good Wife’ star empathizes with Weiner’s spouse –

Apr 27 2011

Kim Cattrall On Men [Divorce Sucks]

Kim Cattrall photo from 1999
The ever-lovely Kim Cattrall was on the Howard Stern Show today to promote the film Meet Monica Velour, in which she plays an adult film star named Linda Romanoli. Apparently Brian Dennehy, who plays a character called Pop Pop, gets naked, but Kim does not. This is unfortunate. But the reason I’m writing about Ms. Cattrall’s interview with Howard Stern today is to discuss what she said about men. Read more »

Mar 23 2011

Tip: Don’t Get Divorced

Kramer vs. Kramer DVD

As a child of divorce, I can honestly say that divorce sucks. I’m sure it sucks for the grown-ups involved as well. But for the kids? Feh.

I have said it many times privately, and I will say it publicly: no divorce. Work it out. Not “for the children”. Work it out because divorce sucks.

Why does divorce suck? A few reasons come to mind: Read more »

May 15 2010

How Not To Pressure Your Working Spouse [DaddyTips]


Have you ever wondered how not to pressure your working spouse? Or is that a topic you’ve never given a moment of thought?

You should think about it. Because it’s important. Pressuring your spouse, especially when they are at work (say, by sending an email) can cause frustration and also be downright mean. Read more »

Dec 23 2009

Tiger Woods Marriage Search

When searching for “Tiger Woods marriage” I got this article from AskMen called “The After-Effects Of Marriage.” The author, Curt Smith, says the following to a reader who wonders if he made the right decision when he married his wife because she has put on a lot of weight and stopped giving him oral sex.

Let me put it another way: the “chick” you met at the local bookstore becomes a completely different person when she is your girlfriend, the girlfriend becomes a completely different person when she is your fianc, and the fianc becomes the complete opposite once she is your wife. Still don’t understand? Ludwig Borne put it best when he said, “A sweetheart is milk, a bride is butter and a wife is cheese.”

Smith does add the following disclaimer:

Now before everyone sends hate mail and death threats, let me add that my theory applies to both genders. To a woman a boyfriend is like wine, a groom is like cocktails and a husband is like flat beer.

It’s good that there is advice like this out there. Men really need help being more immature than they already are.

Marriage advice –

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