Jun 06 2014

Japanese Woman Divorces Husband Because He Didn’t Like ‘Frozen’

I haven’t seen Frozen yet, but apparently I’d better not dislike it if my wife decides she does. At least not if I want our marriage to last. I say this because a Japanese woman is getting a divorce from her husband because he didn’t like Frozen. Details are below.

This is not a picture from Frozen, the Disney film and pop-culture phenomenon. It’s just a frozen waterfall. But it’s a nice photo, isn’t it?

English: A frozen waterfall on the Wappinger C...
A frozen waterfall on the Wappinger Creek, Dutchess County, New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Japanese woman files for divorce over movie disagreement. (Digital Journal)

For more about divorce, check out Tip: Don’t Get Divorced (DaddyTips) and these two movies.

Kramer vs. Kramer DVD

Irreconcilable Differences

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May 20 2011

Schwarzenegger Movie Career On Hold

Schwarzenegger True Lies DVD

Looks like the Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal has claimed a victim — Schwarzenegger himself, or at least his movie career. TheWrap reports that Arnold’s movie plans are on hold. For now, they say. I’m guessing “now” could be “a long time”, but who knows. Read more »

May 20 2011

Schwarzenegger Kids Tweeting About The Scandal

Schwarzenegger True Lies DVD

The Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal is out there in a big way. To me, the aspect of the story that stood out was the news that his kids are tweeting about the whole thing. Read more »

Apr 27 2011

Kim Cattrall On Men [Divorce Sucks]

Kim Cattrall photo from 1999
The ever-lovely Kim Cattrall was on the Howard Stern Show today to promote the film Meet Monica Velour, in which she plays an adult film star named Linda Romanoli. Apparently Brian Dennehy, who plays a character called Pop Pop, gets naked, but Kim does not. This is unfortunate. But the reason I’m writing about Ms. Cattrall’s interview with Howard Stern today is to discuss what she said about men. Read more »

Mar 23 2011

Tip: Don’t Get Divorced

Kramer vs. Kramer DVD

As a child of divorce, I can honestly say that divorce sucks. I’m sure it sucks for the grown-ups involved as well. But for the kids? Feh.

I have said it many times privately, and I will say it publicly: no divorce. Work it out. Not “for the children”. Work it out because divorce sucks.

Why does divorce suck? A few reasons come to mind: Read more »

Jul 02 2010

Did Kelsey Grammer Avoid His Kids? [Gossip]

Apparently Kelsey Grammer, who played Stinky Pete in ‘Toy Story 2‘ (c’mon, he was awesome), is getting divorced again. And according to his soon-to-be ex, he may not be the world’s greatest dad.

TMZ say:

We’re told the tipping point for Camille was Father’s Day, when Kelsey was 2,475 air miles away from his family and didn’t call his kids.

Not that we have any inside knowledge of this nonsense, but on Father’s Day, it’s nice to call him, instead of making dad call you.

And not to take sides here, but this quote seemed a bit off:

As one source said, “She doesn’t know what Kelsey is doing in New York, but he’s made it pretty clear he wants nothing to do with marriage anymore,” adding, “She didn’t see it coming.”

OK, maybe she didn’t see it coming. But she didn’t know what he was doing in New York? He’s doing a musical on Broadway. Go visit the guy!

via Kelsey Grammer Was Done with Marriage | TMZ.com.

Aug 13 2009

Doug Manchester’s Wife Has Expenses

Permit me to enter Borscht Belt Comic mode for a moment:

You think your wife spends money? Listen to this. Elizabeth Manchester, the wife of “Papa” Doug Manchester, is getting a divorce. Papa Doug donated $125,000 to help pass Prop 8 in California. The bill that says gay people can’t get married. Cuz he believes in the sanctity of marriage! Right? So ok, they’re getting a divorce. Elizabeth says that she needs $131,625 a month. A MONTH! SO. What’s she spending it on? “$20,000 on clothing and jewelry, $7,000 in electric bills, $1,700 in groceries, $4,901 in household supplies, tuition at three private schools for some of the couple’s 10 grand children, $7,500 in salary for the full-time groundskeeper and housekeeper, $1,200 in membership dues for the La Jolla Country Club and money toward the hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expenses the couple was accustomed to spending.” Hoo boy!

Thank you. Try the veal.

For what it’s worth, I hope Elizabeth takes him for all he’s worth. But it’s not up to me.

Source: LipstickAlley