Dec 15 2011

SAHD WAHD Explained


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What is a SAHD WAHD?

What is a SAHD WAHD? Let me explain. Read more »

Nov 20 2010

Stay At Home Dad Brian St. Pierre Starting At QB

The intersection of Daddydom and the NFL continues. First we had the Shanahan and Son show in Washington, with Mike Shanahan protecting his son after benching Donovan McNabb (probably — it’s just a theory of mine). Now we get stay at home dad Brian St. Pierre starting at QB for the Carolina Panthers.

That’s right — from diaper duty to NFL starter in about a week. Not bad, right?

It’s not like St. Pierre hasn’t played pro football before. He’s thrown five passes. In eight years. His time carrying clipboards even includes a visit to Super Bowl XLIII as the third-string QB on the Arizona Cardinals.

St. Pierre will be starting at QB for the Carolina Panthers, who are probably the crappiest team in the league right now. Some say head coach John Fox is thumbing his nose at the Panthers higher-ups because he knows he’s going to get fired at the end of the year. See, there’s a rookie QB on the roster that’s been there since the start of the season, and St. Pierre got there, like, a few days ago. The Panthers are so bad this year that it probably doesn’t matter, although could be forgiven for expressing concern for this SAHD‘s safety. Big Daddy Brian is only getting the nod because Panthers rookie QB Jimmy Clausen has a concussion. Football is a dangerous game.

We looked on YouTube for video of St. Pierre throwing one of his five NFL passes, but no dice. If life happens to get longer and we manage to dig one up, we’ll let you know.

May 15 2010

How Not To Pressure Your Working Spouse [DaddyTips]


Have you ever wondered how not to pressure your working spouse? Or is that a topic you’ve never given a moment of thought?

You should think about it. Because it’s important. Pressuring your spouse, especially when they are at work (say, by sending an email) can cause frustration and also be downright mean. Read more »