Jun 19 2023

AGT judge Simon Cowell says advice from his dad inspired his success

Speaking at an event in London this week, the British entrepreneur recalled being 12 years old when his dad offered him the advice.“He said: Everyone has a sign on their head and it says ‘make me feel important,’” the now-63-year-old recalled at Advertising Week Europe.At first, Cowell said, he was confused. But then understood what his dad meant.“At the time, I was like, ‘what are you talking about?’ And then I got it. If you’re involved in something, every single person has a role in part of that. A

Source: AGT judge Simon Cowell says advice from his dad inspired his success

Jun 08 2014

Wally from Dilbert Offers Quality Parenting Advice

Never trust Wally. Or Catbert. He’s not in this strip but he’s not to be trusted either.
Dilbert comic strip for 06/08/2014.

Feb 22 2013

Mom Advice That’s Also Good For Dad

From Mom365 comes some good advice about how to be a “Calm and Happy Mom.” Dads can use these tips as well.

DaddyTips—Thoughts on Dadding

(Full disclosure — I write for Mom365 periodically; here’s an example.)

The third item on the list, “Be Grateful,” is something that I personally want to spend more time on. The author, Valerie Reiss, suggests that a good way to practice gratitude is to “Every day, name three things you’re thankful for; it’s an instant joy boost.” Sounds good to me.

This particular piece of advice is perfect for parents of all genders, dads as well as moms. Most people know that parenting can be frustrating at times. What is less often discussed is how dealing with kids on a daily basis can distract you from other parts of your life. Children, especially young ones, require a lot of attention. It is very easy to get caught up in the details of dirty diapers and daily dinners. That can lead to forgetting how good life is and how lucky you are.

Lest you think gratitude isn’t cool, a certain band called The Beastie Boys would disagree with you.


So would Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. Also me.

Other items on the list include “Dance” (this may not be for everyone but I’ll give it a shot), “Create” (defined here as making something, “even a doodle”), and drinking lots of water, which is healthy and forces you to take a trip to the bathroom more often. Sometimes that counts as a parenting break.

Click the link below for the full list.

10 Ways to Be a Calm & Happy Mom – Mom365.com


Dec 06 2012

How To Stop Online Gaming From Being a Hellish Pit of Vicious Verbiage

This article about a video game called League of Legends (which I’ve never played or even heard of) intrigued me because the game maker, Riot Games, is attempting to address what is apparently a serious problem within the Legends community.

Apparently many of the players are dickheads.


And as lead game producer Travis George puts it in his interview with Gamasutra, “Nobody wants to play a game with somebody who’s mean.”

Amen to that.

Of course, mean people playing games online is not limited to League of Legends. Which is a problem once your kids want to get involved.

As a parent who grew up playing video games, I’m highly conflicted about the current “social” state of gaming. What used to be a niche element of the gaming world — online play with strangers — has become as ubiquitous as broadband Internet connections. Read more »

Apr 23 2012

Chef Dad On Fuzzy Strawberries

Chef Dad has this to say about fuzzy strawberries:

I hate wasting food but I think these strawberries qualify as a new life form.

This tip is good advice with regard to all foodstuffs of uncertain freshness. “When in doubt, throw it out.”

From this week’s Brett Singer Tweets. Here’s the rest if you missed ’em.

May 15 2010

How Not To Pressure Your Working Spouse [DaddyTips]


Have you ever wondered how not to pressure your working spouse? Or is that a topic you’ve never given a moment of thought?

You should think about it. Because it’s important. Pressuring your spouse, especially when they are at work (say, by sending an email) can cause frustration and also be downright mean. Read more »

Apr 08 2008

So which one of you is the mother?

That’s a question you shouldn’t ask, according to Mombian. Read more »