Jun 11 2015

Sick Selfies App To Encourage Vaccinations

An man in Albuquerque, New Mexico is working on a sick selfies app to encourage vaccinations.

From the article on KRQE.com:

Here’s how the app works. You take a selfie or a photo of a friend. You can then select the photo and adjust it through the app so that your face is framed up. Then comes the part that’s supposed to get you thinking- you can give yourself measles or small pox, the only disease that’s been eradicated in the wild.

Here’s the video:

Creepy? Maybe. OK, definitely. The comments on the story are equally creepy though:

How sick! Vaccination is an organised [sic] criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science.

Yeah. Because that’s true. #sarcasm

The app does seem like a weird way to get parents to vaccinate their kids. But as the comment above shows, anti-vaccination folks are a tough crowd to convince.

On a related note, I may have to start checking the news in Albuquerque for weird stories. It’s no Florida, but only because nothing — NOTHING — compares to Florida when it comes to wild and wacky stories. But Albuquerque could have items worth posting. I found this “sick selfies app” story because of the bikers who helped a 5-year-old girl when she was bullied.

Source: App aims to encourage vaccinations with sick selfies | KRQE News 13

Jul 24 2013

New Android Software Has Parent-Friendly Feature

From TechCrunch, a report about the latest version of Google’s Android software, which includes this parent-friendly feature:

New to Android 4.3: advanced multi-user support, bringing in “restricted profiles”. Restricted profiles lets parents limit what their child’s account can do, for example.

Haven’t looked into the specifics yet but the concept is great. Reporting from the announcement, TechCrunch’s Greg Kumparak writes:

Hugo is running through a demo of the restricted access feature, walking through how you can limit an account to only run certain apps. Apps can even be configured to hide in-app purchase items from kids.

An account that only runs the apps you want your kids to use would be awesome.

According to the article, this feature is part of Android 4.3, which will be installed on the new Nexus 7 Android Tablet announced today by El Goog. For more, including a photo of an enormous tray of bacon, visit TechCrunch.

via Live From Google’s Mystery Announcement With Android Head Sundar Pichai | TechCrunch.

Dec 24 2012

Kid-Friendly Android Apps On Sale (DaddyDeals)

Quick holiday DaddyDeal for Android — the Google Play Store has a bunch of apps on sale, many of them kid-friendly.

For example, Kids ABC Letters and Kids ABC Phonics and only $1.99 each.

Even cheaper is The Amazing Spider-Man, on sale for just 99 cents.

The game is a space hog, and no, we don’t mean it features Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham. We mean it needs 2GB of memory. But it’s Spider-Man and usually costs $7 instead of 99 cents. So there’s that.

Also worth mentioning is the ever-popular Where’s My Water? That too is only 99 cents.

Full list of sales at TalkAndroid. Link below. These prices are correct as of this moment but may be for a limited time only so they may go up when you go to buy them. Happy holidays!

Roundup of Google Play app and game deals for the Holidays | TalkAndroid.com.

Dec 16 2012

DaddyDeal: Free Peekaboo Presents iPad App Today Only (December 16)

Another app DaddyDeal for you from Night & Day Studios. This time you can download Peekaboo Presents for the iPad for free today only, December 16, 2012.

Peekaboo Presents iPad App

The app normally sells for $1.99. So hurry up and get it now while it’s free! Because free is good. Everybody likes free. Remember that it’s only free today, December 16, 2012. Otherwise it costs money. In case we didn’t already make that clear.

Get  Peekaboo Presents on the iTunes App Store.

Dec 14 2012

DaddyDeal: Free Tom and Jerry iPad App Today Only (December 14)

Nice DaddyDeal for you – Night & Day Studios is offering their iPad app Tom and Jerry: Stickers With Sounds for free today only, December 14, 2012.

Tom and Jerry iPad App

The app normally sells for $4.99. So hurry up and get it now while it’s free! Because free is good. Everybody likes free. Remember that it’s only free today, December 14, 2012. Otherwise it costs money. In case we didn’t already make that clear.

Get  Tom and Jerry: Stickers With Sounds on the iTunes App Store.

Apr 30 2012

Avengers Origins: Assemble! App (Countdown To The Avengers Movie)

Avengers Origins for iPad

Avengers Origins: Assemble! is a universal App for your iPhone or iPad. We haven’t tried it yet but it sounds like fun. Read more »

Apr 19 2012

Angry Wife 2 for Android (No, Seriously)

Haven’t played this Android app, or its predecessor, which was presumably called Angry Wife. Unless this is a Mormon-themed game where you have 2 wives. We doubt it.

According to the description, this game actually features a wife throwing dishes at her husband. She’s mad at him for drinking too much and being a hero. Or something like that.

Here’s how the development meeting probably went: “Hey guys. I have an idea. What if they had smartphones in the 1950’s?”

Angry Wives 2 (via Dolphin Browser, which I do use and generally like)