May 19 2022

Neal Adams Father Left When He Was Ten

This story about Neal Adams from Bleeding Cool tells the tale of Neal’s father leaving when he was ten years old:

Frank Cho also wanted to talk about Neal Adams’ childhood. At an otherwise “dead” show, when they went to eat together, Frank got the chance to ask Neal about his background. Neal’s dad left his family when he was young so Neal became the “man of the house” aged ten. His mother had opened up a boarding house, and Neal told Frank stories of the people who went through the house.

Klaus Janson believes that because Neal’s father left, Neal became very protective of his mother, and that’s what he was like as an adult. He took care of people, and kids, becoming the daddy of an entire generation. And that everyone knows what he did representing Superman’s creators Siegel and Shuster, against DC Comics, to get some kind of recompense for the character when the movie hit, establishing artists’ rights including royalties and share, as well as getting original artwork back for creators, something that has helped so many in their older age.

Source: Neal Adams/George Pérez Tribute Panel At Lake Como Comic Art Festival

May 02 2022

R.I.P. Neal Adams

The great Neal Adams has died at the age of 80 from complications of sepsis.

My first encounter with Neal was not from Batman or Superman or Deadman. It was his creator-owned titles in Continuity Comics.

Continuity Comics Logo

Continuity Comics Logo

I found these on the street for a buck an issue back in the 90s. The art is what caught my eye.

It just POPPED in a way that you have to see to understand. Obviously Neal’s work on Batman is untouchable. But these were characters he created. To my knowledge they never went anywhere, which is a shame. Toyboy would make a great movie (uber rich 12-year-old who makes gadgets and fights crime, hello?) and the epic sweep of Armor and the Silver Streak compares well with Star Wars.

Megalith is also worth mentioning. He’s kind of a weight lifter version of Captain America. I could totally see The Rock playing him. He achieves the mind/body connection and can control all of his muscles with his mind. It’s awesome. Hopefully the family will release some trade paperbacks, or you can get them on eBay for not a lot of money. I’m not selling you mine because I love them and because Neal was kind enough to sign a couple of them.

I interviewed Neal for way back in 2008. I’m looking for the audio and trying to find out if it’s OK to release it since it was an interview for print, not a podcast. If you want to hear a solid Neal Adams interview, try the Word Balloons podcast.

If you want to read some of Neal’s work, here are some links:

RIP to one of the greats. Thank you for everything you did.

one of the gods of 20th century comics; an artist who didn’t just define the look of superhero comics, but also pushed back on assumptions of how the industry itself could, or should, run.

Source: R.I.P. legendary DC Comics artist Neal Adams (AV Club)

May 02 2022

Neal Adams Was a Father

“Neal Adams’ most undeniable quality was the one that I had known about him my entire life: he was a father,” Josh Adams wrote on Twitter. “Not just my father, but a father to all that would get to know him.”

Source: Neal Adams, comic book legend and defender of artists’ rights, dies at 80 : NPR

Nov 12 2018

Stan Lee and Superhero Parenting

What is Superhero Parenting? It’s parenting like a superhero. It’s using lessons from comic books to raise your kids. It’s allowing comic books to teach lessons to your kids, lessons they might not want to hear from you but will gladly absorb from a fictional character in a costume.

The biggest lesson of all – “with great power there must also come great responsibility” – comes to us from Stan Lee.

Stan Lee

One of the best things my father did for me was introduce me to Marvel Comics. (Note: my father was, at best, something of a putz.) My first was Doctor Strange, and I still vividly remember the splash page – the colors, the small words. (Compare the letters on a Richie Rich comic to a Marvel or DC book from the late 70s/early 80s. It’s a big difference.)

Later I got into Spider-Man and learned the immortal lesson of great power and great responsibility, maybe the best thing parents can learn. Think about it – what greater responsibility is there than parenting a child?

I’m hardly the only person thinking about parenting on the day Stan Lee died. Kevin Smith wrote on Instagram, “Outside of my parents, you were the one adult who gave me the most useful life skills I still use today.”

I think this is true for a lot of people. In some cases Stan might be MORE important than their parents. That’s not true for me; my mother had a huge influence on my moral compass. But so, in his way, did Stan.

More Stan:

Famous people remembering Stan

Stan shows up on these great old Fantastic Four radio shows

All of Stan’s cameos, or “Staneos”

Image: Wikipedia

Jul 30 2018

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers TL;DR

OK, so I thought this was going to be a Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers cartoon. It’s not. But it does animate Throg, which is awesome.

I love love love love this comic. So while the title implies that you aren’t going to read it, you should. You should buy it for your kids because it’s totally kid-friendly. It’s also adult-friendly. It’s a true all-ages comic!

The concept is simple: the animal sidekicks of various heroes get to be a superteam. If that doesn’t sound great to you, your loss. If it does, pick up a copy of the trade paperback and enjoy.


And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth’s mightiest heroes were unaware of a threat greater than all of them could handle. And on that day, a teleporting puppy scoured the world to assemble a team of animals to fight the foes no single beast could withstand! Strap on your collar and hop on-board the adventures of LOCKJAW, LOCKHEED, REDWING, HAIRBALL, and an all-new FROG THOR! Collects Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1-4.


Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers

There’s even a sequel!

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers Unleashed (UnLEASHed – get it?)


Mar 16 2018

Infinity War Trailer

Marvel’s Infinity War trailer. Pant pant pant.

Infinity War trailer

I’ll be back to talk about this one, but for now, just watch and enjoy.

Mar 13 2018

Remember Fart Cop?

Remember Fart Cop? No? Yes? No? OK.

Fart Cop, exclusively at

Fart Cop 1

Fart Cop is the first comic strip DaddyTips published. It was written by my kids and began on January 12, 2011. Yes. That’s right.

It’s now been long enough that we wanted to remind you of its existence, because it’s really fun. Fart humor! What could be bad?

(As a reminder, fart humor got me into Redbook Magazine.)

Read all seven editions of Fart Cop here.

Fart Cop 1

Fart Cop Number 2

Fart Cop Meets Fat Cop, Visits Pet Store

Fart Cop 4 – The Origin Of Snow Cop

Fart Cop 5

Fart Cop 6

Fart Cop 7