March 13, 2015

Robert Downey Jr. Brings Georgia Boy Bionic Arm (DaddyTube)

The line between Robert Downey Jr. and Iron Man is growing slimmer every day. Here is a video of the actor bringing a Georgia boy named Alex Pring a real bionic arm.

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It’s OK if you get a little misty-eyed. We’ll wait.

The important bit here is that a group called The Collective Project made a bionic arm for a child, Alex, who was “born with a partially developed right arm,” according to the video. The arm was made by Albert Manero, “a college student who builds and donates low-cost, 3D-printed bionic limbs to kids around the world,” according to the YouTube video. Here’s a quote from the Fox 5 DC story where we found this:

“The arm doesn’t have a lot of supernatural powers, but it makes life easier on Alex both physically and mentally.”

The two then compare arms, with Downey pulling his out of a case with the Stark Industries logo.

Which brings us to what we were talking about when we said the line between Robert Downey Jr. and Iron Man is getting slimmer every day.

Remember in 2012 when we posted that Robert Downey Jr surprised kids at Comic Con? (Heck, remember 2012? I’m not sure I do.) Here’s what we had to say back then:

Marvel could easily drop this footage into ‘Iron Man 3‘ if they want to. … Have the kids shouting out “IRON MAN!”, people cheering when Downey Tony Stark shows up… Free idea from me to you, ‘Iron Man 3? filmmakers. I’ll take a special thanks and perhaps a repulsor ray if you’ve got an extra one lying around.

(They didn’t take my idea. Maybe for Iron Man 4, or a future Avengers movie.)

The second best thing about this new video (the first, of course, is the kid getting the arm, because that’s actually real-life awesome) is the moment when someone off-camera asks Alex, “Do you know who that is?” “Iron Man,” Alex replies, to the delight of everyone in the room (and us home viewers). But then comes the follow-up:

“What’s his name?”


Downey does nothing to correct Alex, nor does anyone else. In Alex’s 7-year-old mind, Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man. To Downey’s credit, he’s a good enough actor that playing the super-rich Avenger has not hampered his film career; he can play other roles just as convincingly as he always has. But if he keeps this up, he might have to change his name to Tony Stark. Or maybe Marvel will just change Iron Man’s name to Robert Downey Jr. Both are about as likely to happen as me turning into Thor. But this particular blurring of fact and fiction is fun to watch.

On a more serious note, huge, massive, supremely large shout-outs to Albert Manero, who is apparently making bionic arms for kids who need them (it’s OK if that makes your head explode a little bit), and to Mr. Downey Jr., whom we like both on and off screen. And best of luck to Alex, a young man growing up in very interesting times.

‘Iron Man’ surprises boy in Georgia – DC News FOX 5 DC WTTG.

March 12, 2015

Brett Singer TV Appearance Tomorrow on Fox 5 DC

I will be appearing on TV tomorrow, via Skype, on Fox 5 DC. Those not in DC can stream it live on My segment is scheduled for 9:15am.

Logo of the Fox Broadcasting Company

Logo of the Fox Broadcasting Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The topic? Apps for paranoid parents, which I wrote about for here.

Again, to watch me, Brett Singer, in all my DaddyTips glory, visit tomorrow, Friday March 13, around 9:15am and click on the “Watch Live” link.

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March 5, 2015

Why Do I Read The News?

This is a serious question. Why do I read the news? It only leads to problems.

I was looking for an image to go with this post. I decided Grumpy Cat could be fun. But that only annoyed me more.

What should I do? Ignore everything? Only read comic books? That’s not the worst idea. It is limiting, though.

I want to tell you what piece of news has me so irritated. It’s not net neutrality. I like net neutrality. The idea that flying a banner with a meme over the corporate headquarters of Comcast is somehow a good use of time and, more importantly, money, that I think is stupid. But whatever.

I am wearing my CrankyPants! And I’m not going to tell you why because, as the kids say, reasons. Mostly it has to do with not wanting to get into certain issues of a personal nature, and/or not wanting to talk about certain issues in a public forum. (Is that vague enough?)

Mostly, grah. Stupid news.

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March 2, 2015

Vaccination Nation Continues

File this under “things that shouldn’t be a debate but are.” With no medical or scientific evidence to support a link between vaccines and certain undesirable medical conditions such as autism, many parents insist that they know better. Or at least that someone else knows better. (Usually it’s someone on the Internet.)

The making of a DNA vaccine.

The making of a DNA vaccine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many parents are asking doctors to “spread out” the vaccines that their children receive, according to the L.A. Times.

Personally I don’t know if spreading out the vaccines is such a terrible thing, but according to the L.A. Times, citing an article in the journal Pediatrics, “87% of the doctors [surveyed] agreed that when parents delay some or all of these vaccines, they are putting their children at risk of being sickened by a preventable disease.”

In spite of their concerns, many doctors are doing it anyway.

So. To sum up. Most doctors (in a particular survey, at least) think that spreading out vaccines is dangerous. But if a parent is noodgy enough, they’ll do it anyway.

This is not good medicine. I’m not saying that doctors are always right. Far from it. (Oy, the stories I could tell you.) But if a doctor truly believes, based on all of the information available to them, that their patients, who in this case are children under 2 years old and therefore can’t decide for themselves, should be vaccinated in a particular way, they should not be swayed by a parent who complains loudly enough.

Other doctors are taking a hard line on the issue, refusing to treat children who have not been vaccinated.

Considering that measles is making a comeback (see the Related articles links below), and that Rand Paul and other politicians have made anti-vaccination a political issue as well as a medical one, I think it’s safe to say that this issue won’t be going away anytime soon. Which is annoying because, to the best of my knowledge, the entire anti-vaccine campaign (such as it is) dates to the Lancet study which was shown to be COMPLETELY WRONG in 2010. (More on that here if you’re interested.) And yet, five years later, we’re still talking about it.


Small Pox

As I said before — zero deaths. That’s the goal. And it’s an achievable one. How? Science! Cue music.

Doctors often delay vaccines for children to appease parents – LA Times.

February 26, 2015

iPhone 6 Case Amazon Lightning Deal

iPhone 6 case Amazon Lightning Deal for ya. $11.19. Regular price is $13.99, list price is $49.99 (which would be way too high, unless this case also gives foot massages and makes dinner). We have not used this case. Heck, we don’t even have an iPhone. But lots of people do! And we like to be helpful by passing along these DaddyDeals when we find them.


iPhone 6 Case, Caseology [Bumper Frame]

Time is limited, so if you want it, buy it.

I’m going to leave in all of the descriptive text Amazon provides because, well, why not. iPhone 6 Case, Caseology [Bumper Frame] Apple iPhone 6 (4.7″ inch) Case [Carbon Fiber Black] Slim Fit Skin Cover [Shock Absorbent] TPU Bumper iPhone 6 Case [Made in Korea] (for Apple iPhone 6 Verizon, AT&T Sprint, T-mobile, Unlocked): Cell Phones & Accessories.

February 13, 2015

Two Crown Royal Cocktails For Valentine’s Day

The good people at Crown Royal (more specifically, their always friendly and pleasant publicists) have two tasty suggestions for those who wish to get their drink on (responsibly) this Valentine’s Day.

What we like about these cocktails is that neither looks difficult to make. Also, thanks to the DaddyTips Road Trips we’ve taken courtesy of Crown Royal, we feel confident that these drinks will be tasty. (We haven’t tried them, but we’ve sampled enough Crown to know that we like it.) So here you go, two cocktails. Enjoy responsibly! And happy Valentine’s Day to all.

Apple of My Eye

Apple Of My Eye Crown Royal cocktail
1.5oz Crown Royal Regal Apple
4oz Cranberry Juice
Serve in a rocks glass over ice and garnish with apple wedge


Cherry Jubilee

Cherry Jubilee Crown Royal cocktail
1.5 oz. Piehole Cherry Pie
0.25 oz. orange juice
0.25 oz. grenadine
1 splash sour mix

February 13, 2015

Expensive Looking Women’s Watch Under 50 Bucks

This expensive looking women’s watch can be yours for under 50 bucks thanks to this AMAZING AMAZON LIGHTNING DEAL! Supplies are limited! Etc.

By the way, “under 50 bucks” means $49.99. Because technicalities. But it could make a nice last minute Valentine’s Day gift (no promises it’ll get delivered in time; that’s between you and Amazon). Anyway, time-limited deal. Buy it if you want it.

August Steiner Women's Watch AS8142RG August Steiner Women’s AS8142RG Analog Display Quartz Two Tone Watch Set: Watches.