July 29, 2014

3M Extra Wide Adjustable Monitor Stand (DaddyDeals)

Great DaddyDeal on this 3M Extra Wide Adjustable Monitor Stand via Amazon Lightning Deals. $21.25 as of now, full price is $49.99, you save $28.74 or 57%. More than half. (That last part we figured out for ourselves; the rest of the math we copy and pasted.) If you want it, hurry up and buy. (Monitor not included, of course. Still a darn good deal.)

3M Extra Wide Adjustable Monitor Stand

Amazon.com : 3M Extra Wide Adjustable Monitor Stand, Height 1 in to 5 7/8 in, Holds 40 lbs, 16 in Space Between Columns, Silver/Blk : Computer Monitor Stands : Office Products.

July 29, 2014

Jeff Gordon Kissing The Bricks Video

Want to see video of Jeff Gordon kissing the bricks at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday July 29? Here you go.

DaddyTips Featured Video

Thanks to the wonderful and talented Z. Smith of Nascar Race Mom for posting the clip.

More from our Crown Royal DaddyTips Road Trip to Indianapolis coming soon! #ReignOn

July 27, 2014

Jeff Gordon Wins The Brickyard 400

Jeff Gordon wins at the Brickyard, pulling ahead to take the top spot at the Crown Royal Presents The John Wayne Walding 400. 5th win for the man. Fun race, more to come.

Jeff Gordon Wins Brickyard 400

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July 24, 2014

Who Else Is Going To The Race This Weekend (DaddyTips Road Trip)

DaddyTips will not be alone when we go to the race this weekend. (That’s the Crown Royal Presents The  John Wayne Walding 400 DaddyTips Road Trip to Indianapolis, for those of you keeping score at home.) Here is a list of the other bloggers/writers/influencers/nifty folks (that’s the technical term) who will also be in attendance:

Crown Royal Presents the John Wayne Walding 400


Gunaxin (What up Phil!)
Bleacher Report
Jersey Girl Sports (Check out the Derek Jeter video on their homepage. It’s enough to make a Yankee fan cry.)
Guys Gab
DaddyTips (OK, duh, you knew that one already)
Black Sports Online
NASCAR Race Mom (What up Z!)
Man Jr
Fast Lane Magazine (What up DJ!)
Male Standard

If we’ve met and didn’t say “what up” to you here, it’s only because we’re getting old and forgot, or because we didn’t have your name at the time this post was written. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces and making new friends.

Whoo-hoo! Remember to check out our Twitter feed starting tomorrow, Friday, for updates on all the excitement.

July 23, 2014

Crown Royal Presents The John Wayne Walding 400 [DaddyTips Road Trip]

DaddyTips is pleased to announce that we will be attending the Crown Royal Presents The  John Wayne Walding 400 powered by BigMachineRecords.com at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. That’s right – Road Trip! (We get to leave the house again. We’re excited.)

DaddyTips Road Trip

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July 22, 2014

Grown-Up Sippy Cups At Midtown Comics

These are grown-up sippy cups. Comic book character themed grown-up sippy cups. I suppose you could get one for your kid, but I think they are being marketed at adults. Two designs – Punisher and Deadpool. Here’s the Punisher model:

$11.99. Such a deal! Well, if you like that kind of thing.

Marvel Heroes Symbol Acrylic Cup – Punisher – Midtown Comics.

July 17, 2014

Texas Instruments “Little Professor” Math Game Calculator (I Had This)

Futzing around on eBay I stumbled into the Vintage Calculators category. (Don’t ask.) I found something that I used to have – the Texas Instruments Little Professor Math Game Calculator.

Texas Instruments

This thing was totally fun. It played little math games, and worked as a calculator, which meant you could do stuff like spell out words with numbers. Keep in mind that we’re talking about 1976; technology didn’t have to do as much to seem impressive.

If you’re interested in buying one of these, maybe to show your kids what used to pass for an iPad Mini, this particular calc is listed on eBay for $18.00 plus shipping.

Working Vintage 1976 Texas Instruments “Little Professor” Math Game Calculator | eBay.