November 24, 2015

Kid Solves Rubik’s Cube in Under 5 Seconds (Video)

Watch this video of a kid named Lucas Etter as he solves the Rubik’s Cube in under 5 seconds. He’s 14-years-old. His time was 4.904 seconds, which is a new world’s record.

English: Rubik's cube

English: Rubik’s cube (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He solves it so fast it’s literally blink and you’ll miss it.

For me, the best part of the video is the reaction. Not to diminish what Lucas did; breaking a world record in anything must be pretty cool, and as someone who never managed to solve the Rubik’s Cube even once back when they were first introduced (I’m, like, old), the fact that he was able to do it so insanely fast is incredibly impressive. Also impressive, though, is everyone else’s reaction. It’s so positive. Everybody wants to take his picture, they all seem really happy for him. The reaction of the kid in charge of the stopwatch is pure amazement and joy. It’s nice to see everyone being so nice.

I admit that I wonder how the kid who, on the same day, broke the world’s record with a time of just over 5 seconds, only to have that record shattered later on. But based on the reactions in the video here, I prefer to believe that even he was happy for his fellow cuber. (Cubers? Is that a thing? I have no idea.)

Bottom line: Congratulation Lucas Etter. At the age of fourteen, you are the proud owner of a world’s record. Good on ya, mate.

Source: A teenager just pushed the Rubik’s Cube world record under 5 seconds | The Verge

November 23, 2015

Heavy Metal Baby (Video)

Heavy metal baby video. No further explanation is needed.


This needs to be the childhood everyone has.

Source: This Baby Really, Really Loves EXMORTUS – Metal Injection

November 20, 2015

French Father Explains Paris Attacks To Son (Video)

This video of a father talking to his son about the Paris attacks might make you cry. Me? Oh, you know. Allergies. #liar

DaddyTips Featured Video

Oh my. The kid is adorable, and the way the father handles the situation is just wonderful. To be fair, I’m assuming that’s his father. It could be an uncle or a friend. But the tweet says father, so let’s go with that. Excuse me. I need a new box of tissues. I told you. Allergies. #liar

H/T to @thereaIbanksy and the awesomely talented actress Constance Zimmer (currently being awesome on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) who retweeted it.

November 12, 2015

Demaryius Thomas’ Mom Will See Him Play in the NFL for the First Time This Week

Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas’ mom will see play in the NFL for the first time this week. Why does this matter? Well, it’s a nice story. It’s also one of the rare times that parenting and fantasy football intersect. Since I do both of those things, I had to write about it.

Stay with me. There’s a point here. I promise.

English: Demaryius Thomas, a player on the Den...

English: Demaryius Thomas, a player on the Denver Broncos American football team. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Thomas will face the worst secondary in the NFL and will be playing with a little more on the line. Peyton Manning is fully aware that this will be the first time Thomas’ mother will see him play in a professional football game, and he will make it a special day. I am going bold here in predicting two touchdowns for Thomas this weekend.

Emphasis added.

I will admit that my heart likes the analysis. Read more »

November 10, 2015

A Classic Couple

Is it Droid Love? I never thought of them like that, but I guess it could be.

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November 9, 2015

Crazy Cute Rocket And Groot Halloween Costumes

From James Gunn‘s Instagram page, here are two crazy cute Rocket and Groot Halloween costumes.

Many awesome Guardian costumes this year! Here are a couple of my favorites!

A photo posted by James Gunn (@jamesgunn) on

I mean, c’mon. That baby in the flower pot? How adorable is that? I also love that people are still thinking about Guardians of the Galaxy because it was great and I can’t wait for the next one. I mean, I can wait. I will wait. I’m just looking forward to seeing more of what James Gunn and company come up with. Luckily there are other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies to keep me satisfied while I wait.

As for whoever made these incredible costumes, Geek Gold Cards all around.

October 29, 2015

Wow, I’ve Been Busy

I just looked and realized I haven’t written a post in awhile. Sorry about that.

still from Private Life Of A Cat

I’ve been busy with a few things, some of those involving the children. (See “Where has Dad been? Busy parenting“.)

Admittedly, I’ve also been, like, watching football. It’s NFL season, y’know.

And maybe I’ve been a little lazy sometimes. Hence the cat picture. I’m not usually a cat picture guy but I was looking for a public domain image to use and came across this film from the Prelinger Archives titled “Private Life of a Cat” from 1947. Yes I’m serious. Watch it here.

Happy almost Halloween!

Got some posts in the queue that I will get to you very soon. Avanti!

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