Nov 23 2022

Download Large Files From Google Drive

Do you want to know how to download large files from Google Drive? It’s not hard, but it’s also not obvious. And it takes a bit of patience. Here is a DaddyTips Tech Tip.

try native google drive desktop client

Try the native Google Drive desktop client

Recently I got a file that was over 2 GBs in size. I’m a standup comic and frequently deal with large video files. This one was from a longer set and was higher quality and was therefore bigger. I tried downloading from the browser and kept getting an error message.

So I googled. I found something really complicated that involved the command line. I’m not against using the command line but the instructions didn’t line up with what I was seeing and I’m not a good enough computer person to figure it out.

So I kept at it and found this link from Quora. Basically, you need to download the Google Drive Desktop Client for your operating system. Then you need to go into Google Drive on the web and make a copy of the file.

make a copy in google drive

Just right click on the file and select “Make a copy.”

You will now have a file called “Copy of Your File.”

Now you wait.

It will take awhile because the file is so big. At least that’s what happened to me. I dragged and dropped the file (or rather, the copy of the file) into a folder and… it failed. But instead of giving up, I tried again. Lo and behold, it picked up where it left off. So it worked… just slowly. But the important thing is that it worked.

So there you have it. That’s how you download large files from Google Drive.

Source: (25) How can you download files exceeding 2.0 GB on Google Drive? – Quora