May 17 2023

Kids Stop Talking To Father Over Will

From the Social Q’s column of the New York Times, a story about some friction between father and child over a will:

My husband and I, both 70, were married two years ago after living together for 20 years. When we shared our plans with his grown children, then 25 and 28, they were angry. His son demanded to see my husband’s will, which my husband showed him. In it, he leaves his entire estate to me, just as I leave mine to him. His son had hoped to inherit my husband’s New York loft and pay me an allowance. Eventually, the loft will go to his two children, and our upstate property will go to them and my daughter. Still, his children accused him angrily of not putting family first. It has now been two years since they spoke to their father. In their last conversation, my husband said he loved them and was always there to talk. Should he reach out to them, or is the onus on them to apologize? Also, should we tell them we’ve decided to sell the loft?

Wow. What the hell. This is awful. My father-in-law remarried after his wife died, and I suppose I can see where his children would be upset if everything was left to his new wife. But certainly not with this reaction. I’ve been mad at my mother plenty of times but I don’t stop speaking to her. Two years? TWO YEARS? Are these people nuts? The author agrees with me so I recommend the article, linked below.

Source: My Husband’s Children Stopped Talking to Him After They Saw His Will. Help! – The New York Times

Jul 21 2009

The Grim Reaper Health Plan

The comments on Yahoo! Buzz articles are often insane. This one, however, was fairly amusing.

The Grim Reaper Health Plan

Kind of like the GOP plan. Except without the tax cuts.

(From Obama defends August deadline for health care bill, AP via Yahoo! Buzz)