May 17 2023

What I Will Leave To My Children

This story about kids who stopped talking to their father over a will made me think about what I will leave to my children. Speaking for me personally, I have very little. Since my wife and I are a unit, we have a lot.

My wife is the one with a job that has a 401k and retirement and stuff. I have an IRA but it’s pretty minimal. I dutifully contribute the maximum every year and it’s probably a few thousand at this point. OK, it’s more than that, but it’s not much. I will almost certainly burn through it when I retire. (An argument could be made that I’m already retired since I don’t have much of an income, but I’m technically still working.) Speaking of retirement, I don’t really want to do that. If I can ever get my acting career going, I would love to keep doing parts well into my later years. On the other hand, maybe I’ll enjoy just hanging out with my wife, assuming she hasn’t gotten sick of me. I would also like to keep writing, but that means finding someone to actually publish one of my novels.

As for what is mine personally, I have way too many computers, including an IBM ThinkPad from many moons ago that I have deep affection for and refuse to get rid of although I really should because it’s just taking up space. I could install Linux on it and use it for… what exactly? I’m perfect happy with my MacBook Pro. I’m not really a programmer, I’m just programmer friendly. My daughter programs, so maybe she’d want a Linux laptop. But really it’s just junk.

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