Feb 08 2018

The First Time My Dad Gave Me ‘The Talk’

Wendell Pierce is great. Read this New York Times article about advice his father gave him. It’s not about what you think it’s about.

My dad prepared me for the worst of times while also enabling me to succeed in the best.

Source: Wendell Pierce: The First Time My Dad Gave Me ‘The Talk’ – The New York Times

Nov 20 2015

French Father Explains Paris Attacks To Son (Video)

This video of a father talking to his son about the Paris attacks might make you cry. Me? Oh, you know. Allergies. #liar

DaddyTips Featured Video

Oh my. The kid is adorable, and the way the father handles the situation is just wonderful. To be fair, I’m assuming that’s his father. It could be an uncle or a friend. But the tweet says father, so let’s go with that. Excuse me. I need a new box of tissues. I told you. Allergies. #liar

H/T to @thereaIbanksy and the awesomely talented actress Constance Zimmer (currently being awesome on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) who retweeted it.

Sep 08 2014

Check Out This Dad’s LEGO Chess Set Kickstarter

Roger Sinasohn is a writer (we both wrote for AOL ParentDish before it became part HuffPo) and a dad and he had a great idea for a Kickstarter project — a LEGO Chess Set. I’ll let him explain.

I backed it. (I like t-shirts, and I like helping people with stuff like this when I can.) If you’d like to contribute, hit the link below.

LEGO My Chess Set by Roger Sinasohn — Kickstarter.

Apr 06 2014

Return Of The Son Of Tweets We Like Today

Here are more tweets that we like. At least today. By which we mean that we will probably still like these tweets tomorrow, but tomorrow there will be even MORE tweets.

English: Twitter Logo in .svg created with Inscape

Actually, there are 500 million tweets tweeted every day, according to this source. That’s a lot of tweeting! Who has time to read all those tweets? How many times can I use a variation of the word tweet in one post? Tweet tweet tweety tweet?

Anyway, here are a few we read today that we liked: Read more »

Dec 04 2013

Temporary Reddit Rules For DadJokes

Reddit is kind of the Amazon.com of user-generated content. There’s a category for almost everything. Including (drum roll) dad jokes.

Reddit logo

In the words of Dana Carvey doing Johnny Carson, I did not know that.

Anyway, at the moment there are some rules in place for posting dad jokes.

Starting on the 1st of December and running until the 10th, /r/dadjokes will be self-post only. This 10 day trial is being conducted to measure the overall effect on post quality. We hope to see a reduction in posts that exist purely for karma-gaming, and an increase in posts that represent our favourite dad jokes and stories.


Got that? I think it means the powers that be at Reddit (/r/bosses perhaps?) want people to submit actual jokes/stories about dads rather than links to jokes/stories about dads. I am willing to admit that I could be totally wrong here but I think that’s what is going on.

UPDATE: I read more of the text on the page (I know, crazy, right?) and found this, which offers more of an explanation:

As of this time there are no strict formatting requirements that you must adhere to.
Only self-posts are allowed from Dec. 1 to Dec. 10th
A couple of suggestions to follow:
Leave the punchline out of the title!
Preferred to be a joke your actual father said.
Tag [NSFW] or [NSFL] if ever necessary.

Hit the link below for more details. And if you understand it better than I do, please leave a comment. Or throw money. Either one is fine.

Hi Hungry, it’s Dad. I have an important update for you. : dadjokes. (Reddit)

Aug 23 2013

Grah! I Am Not Getting Anything Done

I am not getting anything done. This is frustrating.

I don’t think I need a book like Organizing For Dummies. First, I’m not a dummy. Second, the issue isn’t organization. It’s time.

Yes, there’s a book for that too. And it can bite me. (Technically it can’t, unless it’s one of those books from Harry Potter. But I digress.)

The issue for me is not managing time properly. The issue is not having any time to manage.

Parenting, as I’ve said often, is not easy. Raising kids takes time. Some of the things that one must do when raising kids are things that can only be done if said kids leave you alone for awhile. My kids are great. But I’m the type of person who needs multiple minutes in a row in order to accomplish anything significant. Starting a task — even, say, writing a blog post — and then getting interrupted (not always by kids) can and does derail my activity. This isn’t the case for everyone, but it is for me.

Then there’s relaxation. Downtime is a requirement for parents. It took me awhile to realize this, but trust me, it’s true. While it is true that the children eventually go to sleep and I could use that time to do various tasks, that’s not always a good idea. Because a tired dad is a cranky dad, and a cranky dad is no fun for anyone.

Eventually the stuff that absolutely must be done will in fact be done. Because that’s the way it is. This is how we do it. Letting important things slide is not an option. Starting and stopping and getting stymied is still annoying.

Dadding ain’t easy. See also: SAHD WAHD. Then call me a wahhhbulance.

Jun 09 2013

Video – Father And Son Sing Don’t Let Me Down (DaddyTube)

Today on DaddyTube, a father and son singing Don’t Let Me Down. Dad plays guitar. The little boy, presumably his son although to be fair we don’t know this for certain but a bunch of copies of the video on YouTube declare it to be true, sings and strums a ukelele. It is very cute. Watch the video.

Is it just us or does the kid sound like he’s in the correct key when he plucks out some notes halfway through the video?

(Hat tip to Karl Erickson via Facebook for the vid)

Baby boy playing Don’t Let Me Down on the guitar with his dad. – YouTube.