Dec 29 2017

Adjust Volume Using Audacity (Tech Tip)

I’ve been podcast (listen!) and the episode I recorded today was too loud. My software of choice is Audacity because it sells for my favorite price – FREE dollars. Plus it works, and has a lot of high-end features. For example, you can fix it if your volume is too loud. That’s today’s DaddyTips tech tip.

Screenshot of Audacity running on Mac OS X Sou...

Screenshot of Audacity running on Mac OS X Sourced from: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Audacity has a tool called the envelope tool. It looks like this:

Audacity Envelope Tool


Hopefully you can see the arrow better than me. (I’m colorblind.) If you can’t, it’s the thing in between the Selection Tool and the Draw Tool. If you hover your mouse pointer over each tool on the toolbar it tells you what the tool is called. Ah, screw it. Here’s another screenshot, but this time the envelope tool is circled.

Audacity Envelope Tool Circled

Anyway, what you do is click that tool. That will select your track. Then you can drag a little bubble up and down and that will reduce or increase the volume of the track. There is probably a way to do just a section of the track but I don’t know what that is.

I got this info from WiredPen, a website by the extremely talented Kathy E. Gill, who is clearly cooler than me because she’s wicked smart and she rides a motorcycle. (Seriously, I mean that. She seems very cool.) Without this helpful tip my podcast would have been unlistenable.

Below are my podcast episodes. The one from 12/29/17 is here.

Listen to me early and often, especially now that I know how to fix the volume.

Aside: these were the suggested tags for this post. Some make sense and are used. Many of them, however, are bizarre.

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Happy New Year!

h/t by Kathy E. Gill

Oct 20 2016

Brett Singer Live Returns

Brett Singer Live has returned! Listen to it right here!

Next time we’ll get someone else to be on the air with me. Will it be you? It might be. Let me know on the Facebooks or the Twitters if you’re interested. Several fine folks have already said they will join me in my media endeavor, which is greatly appreciated.

You can also listen to past shows here. AND you can get my show on iTunes. Yes. iTunes. Click here and iTunes will open and all will be right with the world.

But I’m back! Let’s go!

Source: Guess Who’s Back? 10/19 by Brett Singer | Entertainment Podcasts

Aug 23 2016

Warning: More Superhero Posts To Come (But It’ll Be About Parenting Too)

I know this is, but I think there are going to be more superhero posts to come. You have been warned.

Danger Will Robinson

This will not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me or anyone who reads this site with even moderate regularity. I mean… well, I’ll let the picture say a thousand words.

Me and The Avengers movie.

Personally I prefer The Avengers. Have I mentioned that lately?

In case anyone is wondering, the phrase “Me and The Avengers DVD Combo Pack = happy dad” is still true. I could watch that movie almost any time. Luckily there is a steady supply of other stuff to watch, some that even doesn’t have superheroes in it like Stranger Things. (Stranger Things is all the things, by the way. I’ve already watched it twice. It’s good the second time around, in case you were on the fence about watching it again.)

Deutsch: Zentrale Heterochromie: Grüne Iris, u...

Deutsch: Zentrale Heterochromie: Grüne Iris, um die Pupille herum jedoch ein braun-gelber Ring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(The image above is totally unrelated and is included just to freak you out a little.)

I will be doing a better job of tying the superhero stuff into parenting and related topics. Not that this is necessary. To paraphrase Whit Honea from way back when we both blogged for, superhero movies are relevant to a parenting blog because I’m a parent and I like superhero movies. (Whit’s kind of awesome; check him out here, and also everywhere.) I also watch them with my kids. The values they impart are important. Not that it’s all about values. It’s also about fun, and sharing something fun. The world is a rough place. There’s a reason it’s called “escapism.” But while escaping, it is worth noting that sometimes there are good values being imparted. Acceptance of others (Vision and Scarlet Witch). The complications of friendships (Captain America: Civil War). How awesome and weird it would be to have super-powers at age 15 (Spider-Man). OK, that last one isn’t really a value. But those three are all from the same movie. I’ve got more than that, trust me. Because with great power, there must also come great responsibility. (Ahem.)

Face front True Believers! Welcome to the DaddyTips age of Superhero Parenting! Trust me, it’ll be a fun ride.

Oct 29 2015

Wow, I’ve Been Busy

I just looked and realized I haven’t written a post in awhile. Sorry about that.

still from Private Life Of A Cat

I’ve been busy with a few things, some of those involving the children. (See “Where has Dad been? Busy parenting“.)

Admittedly, I’ve also been, like, watching football. It’s NFL season, y’know.

And maybe I’ve been a little lazy sometimes. Hence the cat picture. I’m not usually a cat picture guy but I was looking for a public domain image to use and came across this film from the Prelinger Archives titled “Private Life of a Cat” from 1947. Yes I’m serious. Watch it here.

Happy almost Halloween!

Got some posts in the queue that I will get to you very soon. Avanti!

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Mar 12 2015

Brett Singer TV Appearance Tomorrow on Fox 5 DC

I will be appearing on TV tomorrow, via Skype, on Fox 5 DC. Those not in DC can stream it live on My segment is scheduled for 9:15am.

Logo of the Fox Broadcasting Company

Logo of the Fox Broadcasting Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The topic? Apps for paranoid parents, which I wrote about for here.

Again, to watch me, Brett Singer, in all my DaddyTips glory, visit tomorrow, Friday March 13, around 9:15am and click on the “Watch Live” link.

Dec 18 2013

New DaddyTips Comic – Land of Blue

DaddyTips is proud to present a new comic, created, written and drawn by Thing 2. Welcome to… Land of Blue.

Land of Blue - Title


This is Land of Blue #1. For the record, the character named Jim is a girl. The rest you should be able to figure out on your own. Enjoy.

Land of Blue 1

Jun 27 2012

Brett Singer Live To Return Soon

Brett Singer Live, the online radio show that I’ve been doing for awhile now, will soon return to the airwaves of the Interweb. You are excited. I know. I can tell.

My most recent show was back in November when I interviewed Neal Pollack, author of Jewball. I’m bringing the show back because it’s become rather popular, with literally thousands of downloads every month. Who am I to deny the will of the people?

All of the shows are archived at BlogTalkRadio. You can also listen to it online via iTunes here, or subscribe to the podcast feed. Watch this space for the date and time of the next show.