Dec 29 2017

Adjust Volume Using Audacity (Tech Tip)

I’ve been podcast (listen!) and the episode I recorded today was too loud. My software of choice is Audacity because it sells for my favorite price – FREE dollars. Plus it works, and has a lot of high-end features. For example, you can fix it if your volume is too loud. That’s today’s DaddyTips tech tip.

Screenshot of Audacity running on Mac OS X Sou...

Screenshot of Audacity running on Mac OS X Sourced from: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Audacity has a tool called the envelope tool. It looks like this:

Audacity Envelope Tool


Hopefully you can see the arrow better than me. (I’m colorblind.) If you can’t, it’s the thing in between the Selection Tool and the Draw Tool. If you hover your mouse pointer over each tool on the toolbar it tells you what the tool is called. Ah, screw it. Here’s another screenshot, but this time the envelope tool is circled.

Audacity Envelope Tool Circled

Anyway, what you do is click that tool. That will select your track. Then you can drag a little bubble up and down and that will reduce or increase the volume of the track. There is probably a way to do just a section of the track but I don’t know what that is.

I got this info from WiredPen, a website by the extremely talented Kathy E. Gill, who is clearly cooler than me because she’s wicked smart and she rides a motorcycle. (Seriously, I mean that. She seems very cool.) Without this helpful tip my podcast would have been unlistenable.

Below are my podcast episodes. The one from 12/29/17 is here.

Listen to me early and often, especially now that I know how to fix the volume.

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Happy New Year!

h/t by Kathy E. Gill

Oct 20 2016

Brett Singer Live Returns

Brett Singer Live has returned! Listen to it right here!

Next time we’ll get someone else to be on the air with me. Will it be you? It might be. Let me know on the Facebooks or the Twitters if you’re interested. Several fine folks have already said they will join me in my media endeavor, which is greatly appreciated.

You can also listen to past shows here. AND you can get my show on iTunes. Yes. iTunes. Click here and iTunes will open and all will be right with the world.

But I’m back! Let’s go!

Source: Guess Who’s Back? 10/19 by Brett Singer | Entertainment Podcasts

Jun 27 2012

Brett Singer Live To Return Soon

Brett Singer Live, the online radio show that I’ve been doing for awhile now, will soon return to the airwaves of the Interweb. You are excited. I know. I can tell.

My most recent show was back in November when I interviewed Neal Pollack, author of Jewball. I’m bringing the show back because it’s become rather popular, with literally thousands of downloads every month. Who am I to deny the will of the people?

All of the shows are archived at BlogTalkRadio. You can also listen to it online via iTunes here, or subscribe to the podcast feed. Watch this space for the date and time of the next show.

Mar 15 2011

Interview With Wisconsin Parent Involved in Protests

Here is my interview with Jen, a Wisconsin parent who has been involved in the growing protest movement.

Listen to internet radio with Brett Singer on Blog Talk Radio

Some of the points that Jen made were:

– The protests have been peaceful and non-violent. According to her, the police have actually thanked protesters for behaving so politely. On Saturday, there were no arrests.

– The crowds have been getting bigger. News reports put the number at 100,000, which she says is “the largest gathering in Wisconsin state history”, and may even be the largest labor rally in United States history. “Even Fox News” said there were 100,000 people there on Saturday, she said. Jen questioned why the Tea Party rallies, which were not as well attended, received non-stop news coverage.

– According to Jen, the protests are being attended by people of all ages and social classes. The farmer’s union drove tractors to the Wisconsin State Capital building on Saturday. The police and firefighters have expressed support for their fellow public workers, despite the fact that Governor Walker made them exempt from the new “no collective bargaining” bill.

Jen is a parent who started going to the Wisconsin State Capitol building protests to support her kids’ teachers, who are, of course, public workers. According to her, the protests will continue every day, and the big rallies are usually on Saturday.

You can listen to the interview here, or subscribe to the Brett Singer podcast via iTunes. We hope to be able to talk to Jen again to get an idea of what’s happening on the ground in Wisconsin.

Jun 03 2010

Brett Singer Live Friday June 4 at 12pm [Radio]

Brett Singer Live

I brought my show back on Friday May 21, and now the Brett Singer Live radio show is in its third week of brought backedness. Or something like that.

Listen to internet radio with Brett Singer on Blog Talk Radio

On the agenda: Gary Coleman, Rod Blagojevich, James Cameron and Kevin Costner – none of them will be my guests, but I’ll talk about them all. And remember the episode of Diff’rent Strokes where Arnold wanted to have a Bar Mitzvah, but Milton Berle told him how tough it was to be a Jew? No? I do.

Plus my musical tribute to the late great Gary Coleman. I feel bad for the guy. Seriously. Tune in to Brett Singer Live on Friday June 4 on BlogTalkRadio at 12pm EST to hear why.