Jun 27 2016

Getting a Stylus Unstuck From a 3DS Slot (Tips)

Having trouble getting a stylus unstuck from a 3DS slot? Me too! Not my 3DS, my kid’s. I don’t have a 3DS.

You know what? I did it! It’s a grand day in DaddyLand. How did I do it? Read on, true believer.

English: Two examples of styli that work with ...

English: Two examples of styli that work with the Nintendo DS Lite. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So. Something is stuck in the stylus slot of a 3DS, DSi, or any device that uses a stylus. (I would say Palm Pilot but then you would think I was old. Oh wait…)

I was having no luck using a bent paperclip.

paperclip no

This did not work

However! After deciding that my methods (which also included a pliers, screwdriver and a strange tool from my computer fixing kit) were insufficient, I turned to the Interwebs. There I found a post on the site fixya that suggested… a screw.


screw yes

The screw worked!


Here’s what I did that worked: I gently (VERY GENTLY, the opposite of writing in all caps) inserted the screw into the slot (oh, behave) and twisted, again, very, very gently. The goal is to get whatever is stuck unstuck, not break the device. That would be bad. After a bit of twisting and a bit of pulling — all very gentle — I managed to get the thing out of the slot.


Hopefully this tip helps any parents stuck (pun intended) trying to get a stylus or other foreign object out of their child’s Nintendo device.

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thank you to the fixya users at this post

Aug 28 2013

President of Nintendo Actually Says “Meh”

More Presidents of major gaming companies should say “meh” when describing their competitors products. It would be amusing.


Jun 12 2009

DaddyTips Show And Tell – News and Links

New feature here on DaddyTips.com — Show and Tell.

What is it, you ask? A list of things we’ve read that we think you’ll like, both dad-related and not.

Here we go:

  • The Onion AV Club (whom I write reviews for from time to time) gives the new Wii version of the classic game “Punch-Out!!” a B, which is pretty good if you consider the fact that it does not contain Mike Tyson. (AVClub.com)
  • A father and son pastor team have been accused of stealing $3.1 million dollars to buy “luxury cars, time shares and golf club memberships.” Well, at least they didn’t molest anyone. As far as we know, of course. (L.A. Times)
  • I don’t even watch most of the Adult Swim shows, especially now that “Harvey Birdman” is off the air. But I will probably watch all of the clips on this page. Why? Because they all reference “Star Trek.” Duh. (AdultSwim.com)
  • Um, hi. This is a levitating toy display. It’s called the Levitron Revolution Series. Only holds “up to 4 ounces” according to Aaron Burgess at Droolicious, but it LEVITATES. I want one. For my son. My son. Right. (Droolicious)
  • I love this headline: “Gwyneth Paltrow Finds Noted Music-maker William Joel Just Delightful.” Actually, the whole post is great. (AVClub.com’s The Hater)