Jun 19 2012

Real-Life Spider-Man, Sort Of


This is very cool. A backpack version of a vacuum cleaner that allows you to suction yourself up a wall.

I’m simplifying of course. Gizmodo has more details, which they got from Business Insider. If you have even less time/patience for reading than I do, it’s a military thing and was part of a competition of some kind. The video above is of the winning team. Obviously it will need to be made quieter. Still, the concept and execution is très nifty.

This Backpack Lets You Climb Up Any Wall (Gizmodo via Business Insider)

Jan 30 2012

Ninja Bread Men Cookie Cutters (DaddyDeals)


Ninja Bread MenGingerbread men? Feh. Ninja Bread Men are where it’s at. At under 10 bucks, that’s a delicious DaddyDeal. ($9.99, actually, but that it technically under 10 bucks.) Read more »

Jun 12 2009

DaddyTips Show And Tell – News and Links

New feature here on DaddyTips.com — Show and Tell.

What is it, you ask? A list of things we’ve read that we think you’ll like, both dad-related and not.

Here we go:

  • The Onion AV Club (whom I write reviews for from time to time) gives the new Wii version of the classic game “Punch-Out!!” a B, which is pretty good if you consider the fact that it does not contain Mike Tyson. (AVClub.com)
  • A father and son pastor team have been accused of stealing $3.1 million dollars to buy “luxury cars, time shares and golf club memberships.” Well, at least they didn’t molest anyone. As far as we know, of course. (L.A. Times)
  • I don’t even watch most of the Adult Swim shows, especially now that “Harvey Birdman” is off the air. But I will probably watch all of the clips on this page. Why? Because they all reference “Star Trek.” Duh. (AdultSwim.com)
  • Um, hi. This is a levitating toy display. It’s called the Levitron Revolution Series. Only holds “up to 4 ounces” according to Aaron Burgess at Droolicious, but it LEVITATES. I want one. For my son. My son. Right. (Droolicious)
  • I love this headline: “Gwyneth Paltrow Finds Noted Music-maker William Joel Just Delightful.” Actually, the whole post is great. (AVClub.com’s The Hater)

Jul 04 2008

Extreme close-up: fireworks

micro fireworks