Jun 15 2016

Baby Groot is Still Cute

This “wood plush puppet” (not sure what that is but OK) proves that Baby Groot is still cute. From Entertainment Earth, not available until July 2016, because San Diego Comic-Con.

But look! Isn’t he sooo cute? $8.99. Don’t you want one? I kinda do. I mean, for the kids. Of course. Definitely for the kids. Toys. For kids. Or adults. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!

Description from Entertainment Earth’s email:

Measuring a little more than 4-inches tall, this potted Groot wooden push puppet features hand-painting along with some decal elements. Designed similarly to vintage-styled push puppets, you can move the push puppet in various directions depending on how you push the hidden button on the bottom of the pot – providing hours of wobbly fun. And well, because it’s only right… this charming collectible celebrating the extraterrestrial, sentient tree-like creature is crafted out of solid wood, of course!

So it’s solid wood, and is somehow “similar” to plush puppets. “Hours of wobbly fun.” There’s a phrase for you.

If you need reminding, or just want to see Baby Groot dance to the full Jackson 5 song “I Want You Back”, someone did that and posted it to YouTube. Because we love people who do that type of stuff.

Source: Groot 4-Inch Wood Push Puppet – Convention Exclusive – Bif Bang Pow! – Guardians of the Galaxy – Novelties at Entertainment Earth

Dec 18 2015

Star Wars Stuff To 3D Print

Remember when you had to go out and actually buy Star Wars toys? (Or any toys for that matter?) No more! Now you can 3D print all sorts of Star Wars stuff at home.

Provided you have a 3D printer of course.

ZDNet has a list of 20 Star Wars trinkets you can download and 3D print now. As in NOW. Immediately. (Again, assuming you have a 3D printer. If you don’t, you can’t.)

This one is our favorite.

Luke come over to the dual side. Together we will fill the universe with two colored objects.

Heh. It’s funny cuz it’s true.

I don’t know where this stuff falls in the realm of copyright, since these are all items that I could see being sold at ThinkGeek or any number of similar retailers. But that is not for us to decide. The full list has a bunch of extremely nifty items, so if you’ve got a 3D printer, odds are good that you’ll find something there that you want. With the new Star Wars movie now in theaters, it’d be fun to surprise the kids with something special that they can’t get in stores, like the Luke/Vader switch plate pictured above.

And of course, may the force be with you. Always.

Source: Star Wars Switch Cover Plate Episode 2: Attack of the Dual Extruders by Shapespeare – Thingiverse


Aug 19 2014

Real Life Japanese Toy (Buying) Story

From Kotaku East, the story of a father trying to buy a Yokai Watch watch, which apparently isn’t a watch. It’s some kind of anime-related toy. The story, which I admit I expected to find exasperating, is actually rather sweet, mostly because the author, Brian Ashcraft, appears to have raised his son well. There’s no whining, no “dad, you go wait on line for the toy while I sit home and ignore the 782 toys that I already have”. The kid, who is 5 years old, even calls Toys R Us himself. He also does something very cute that I won’t spoil for you because it’s, well, cute, and the original article isn’t very long so just go ahead and click the link below and read it.

Consider it research: according to one of the related links below, the company that makes the Yokai Watch non-watch could release it over here. Looking at how popular this thing is in Japan, I’d say it’s worth a try.

Buying Japan’s Most Popular Toy Was Crazy Hard – Kotaku

Jul 15 2014

Neat-Oh! Barbie ZipBin 40 Doll Dream House (DaddyDeal)

Save 40% on a  Neat-Oh! Barbie ZipBin 40 Doll Dream House Toy Box & Playmat at Amazon.com. The Amazon lightning deal price? $15.00, you save $9.99. After that, the price is listed as $19.21. Full price is $24.99.

Anyway, it’s Barbie, and it’s not expensive. If you have a kid to buy this toy for, grab it while it’s cheaper.

Amazon.com: Neat-Oh! Barbie ZipBin 40 Doll Dream House Toy Box & Playmat: Toys & Games (Amazon)

Apr 29 2014

Game Of Thrones 3-Eyed Raven Plush Is Creepy

Arguably the creepiest character in Game of Thrones is the 3-eyed raven. (Note: Game of Thrones refers to the TV show. The books are called A Song of Ice and Fire. Geek Gold Card, folks.) So naturally someone decided to make a plush toy out of the thing.


 Why Shop Midtown Comics • Big Savings with Advance Previews • Free Shipping on Qualified Orders • Testimonials  Game Of Thrones 3-Eyed Raven Plush

I don’t know what it is about the 3-eyed raven that creeps me out. Ravens, of course, are inherently creepy thanks to Edgar Allan Poe.

1848 Daguerreotype of Edgar Allan Poe at 39, a...

But this particular bird, even in the George R.R. Martin novels, gives me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies. Which is apparently the title of a song by Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five. Who knew? Here it is from YouTube:

Anyway, the bird creeps me out and there’s no way I would ever buy this toy, especially not for a kid. Although I suppose this is meant as a “collectible”. But… it’s a plush toy… of a… 3-eyed raven.

I don’t know why it bothers me. But it does. I’m sorry. If you want it, here’s a link to buy it at Midtown Comics.

Game Of Thrones 3-Eyed Raven Plush – Midtown Comics.

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Mar 27 2014

Hot Wheels Moto Racer Trackset Lightning Deal

If you want this Hot Wheels Moto Racer Trackset, buy it quick because it’s an Amazon Lightning Deal. $12.99, usually $19.99. Hot! Steaming! Cheaper!

Hot Wheels Moto Racer Performance Raceway Trackset

Clock! Ticking! Buy! Now! Exclamation points!

Amazon.com: Hot Wheels Moto Racer Performance Raceway Trackset: Toys & Games.

Nov 25 2012

DaddyDeals – McFarlane Toys Cyber Monday Sale

Like toys? Sports? Saving money? We dug up a Cyber Monday DaddyDeal from McFarlane Toys that will save you 30 per cent on all sorts of neat stuff.

McFarlane toys Cyber Monday sale

McFarlane Toys is the purveyor of fine toys and collectibles from franchises such as Halo and The Walking Dead, as well as sports figures great and small. (Mostly great and/or not small.) Sometimes these two worlds collide, as in this statue of Hines Ward as he appeared in The Dark Knight Rises. (Only $12.99, people!)

Here’s the deal (via ComicBookResources) – “Between 12:01AM and 11:59PM PST on November 26th, the entire store will be 30%.” So all day Monday November 26th Pacific time, you save mucho dinero online at McFarlane Toys. You’re welcome. Visit their site and get shopping.