Jun 05 2012

Terminator 2: Judgment Day on Blu-ray Only Five Bucks (DaddyDeals)

Terminator 2 Judgment Day Blu-Ray

He said he'd be back. He was right.

Here’s a nice DaddyDeal we found just in time for Father’s Day. Terminator 2: Judgment Day on Blu-Ray for only five bucks. Like we said — nice.  Read more »

May 20 2011

Schwarzenegger Movie Career On Hold

Schwarzenegger True Lies DVD

Looks like the Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal has claimed a victim — Schwarzenegger himself, or at least his movie career. TheWrap reports that Arnold’s movie plans are on hold. For now, they say. I’m guessing “now” could be “a long time”, but who knows. Read more »

May 20 2011

Schwarzenegger Kids Tweeting About The Scandal

Schwarzenegger True Lies DVD

The Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal is out there in a big way. To me, the aspect of the story that stood out was the news that his kids are tweeting about the whole thing. Read more »

Apr 04 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Actually The Governator

Political Power Arnold Schwarzenegger comic

Arnold Schwarzenegger is actually The Governator. No, not just his nickname. An animated character.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing a cartoon where he plays a character called The Governator.


Real news is sounding too much like The Onion.

Quotes from Ah-nuld: Read more »