Aug 13 2009

Doug Manchester’s Wife Has Expenses

Permit me to enter Borscht Belt Comic mode for a moment:

You think your wife spends money? Listen to this. Elizabeth Manchester, the wife of “Papa” Doug Manchester, is getting a divorce. Papa Doug donated $125,000 to help pass Prop 8 in California. The bill that says gay people can’t get married. Cuz he believes in the sanctity of marriage! Right? So ok, they’re getting a divorce. Elizabeth says that she needs $131,625 a month. A MONTH! SO. What’s she spending it on? “$20,000 on clothing and jewelry, $7,000 in electric bills, $1,700 in groceries, $4,901 in household supplies, tuition at three private schools for some of the couple’s 10 grand children, $7,500 in salary for the full-time groundskeeper and housekeeper, $1,200 in membership dues for the La Jolla Country Club and money toward the hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expenses the couple was accustomed to spending.” Hoo boy!

Thank you. Try the veal.

For what it’s worth, I hope Elizabeth takes him for all he’s worth. But it’s not up to me.

Source: LipstickAlley