Feb 08 2021

Dave Grohl’s Mom Virginia Talks About Raising A Rockstar Child – YouTube

Sep 09 2012

Brad Pitt Is Just A Dad Like Me

Brad Pitt may be a celebrity dad, but according to this article he has to do the morning shift. Which in his case includes getting six kids ready for school. Just like me.

Brad says this activity is “painful,” according to DigitalSpy. Getting six kids out the door in the morning isn’t totally fun? We can believe that.

Of course, Brad Pitt is also a mega-uber-superduper famous movie star worth a gazillion dollars. With a full head of hair. But otherwise we’re, like, totally the same guy.

Brad Pitt: ‘Getting six kids ready for school is painful’ – Celebrity News – Digital Spy.

Nov 30 2011

Justin Combs, Son of Diddy, Gets Football Scholarship

P. Diddy’s son Justin Combs has received a football scholarship to UCLA, according to published reports.

I’m glad things are working out for Diddy, aka Sean Combs. Poor guy hasn’t had much success. Oh wait.

Anyway, good for Justin. The Winnipeg Free Press says that Diddy is proud of his kid (kiddy?), adding, “This is one of the proudest moments of my life. This is everything a father could want for his son, for him to excel at what he loves to do.”

Fair enough. Not having to pay for college is nice too.

Proud father P. Diddy (Winnipeg Free Press)

May 20 2011

Schwarzenegger Movie Career On Hold

Schwarzenegger True Lies DVD

Looks like the Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal has claimed a victim — Schwarzenegger himself, or at least his movie career. TheWrap reports that Arnold’s movie plans are on hold. For now, they say. I’m guessing “now” could be “a long time”, but who knows. Read more »

May 20 2011

Schwarzenegger Kids Tweeting About The Scandal

Schwarzenegger True Lies DVD

The Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal is out there in a big way. To me, the aspect of the story that stood out was the news that his kids are tweeting about the whole thing. Read more »

Sep 15 2010

Celebrity Parents That Seem Normal

Celebrity parents, celebrity kids paper dolls

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here are two sets of celebrity parents that seem normal.

First up: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and husband Pete Wentz, hanging by the water with little Bronx Mowgli. I’ve written before that Bronx is a rough name for a kid to have, but at least the Simpson-Wentzes seem to be normal parents. See photos at the Daily Mail.

Next we have Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. She has an incredible career in music and fashion, and he used to be in a band called Bush that was sort of popular. (Rossdale and Bush are putting out a new album this year called Everything Always Now; you can download the first single here. Maybe it’ll be as big as ‘Hollaback Girl’. Trivia tidbit: according to the web site for No Doubt, the band Gwen Stefani started her career in, they used to open for Bush.) The headline is sort of odd: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale leave their sons at home to celebrate eighth wedding anniversary. Should they bring the kids along? Stefani is gorgeous, and 40, which isn’t old but that’s older than I thought she was. I guess I think of rock stars as being young, but ‘Tragic Kingdom‘ came out in 1995, which was (gulp) 15 years ago. Again, pics of the happy family are at the Daily Mail web site.

Celebrity parents that seem normal are not, of course, a common occurrence. Or maybe parenting skills have an inverse relationship with a desire to seek the spotlight. Tough to say. Somebody study that, will you please?

Celebrity Parents, Celebrity Kids Paper Dolls [Paperback] image via Amazon.com

Apr 20 2009

Ben Affleck Just Like Most Dads

I don’t have daughters, but if I did, I can guarantee you that I would be just like Ben Affleck.

By that I mean I’d be a movie star.

OK, that’s not what I mean. I mean I wouldn’t be able to do my daughter’s hair. Read more »