Nov 10 2015

A Classic Couple

Is it Droid Love? I never thought of them like that, but I guess it could be.

May 12 2013

Mama’s Song (Official Video) – The Dirty Sock Funtime Band

In honor of Mother’s Day, DaddyTips Featured Video is a new one from The Dirty Sock Funtime Band — Mama’s Song.

Here’s an explanation from the band’s official YouTube page:

Over the last few months we’ve asked families to share photos of mom with her loved ones and received over a HUNDRED AND FIFTY wonderful photos, proudly featured in our music video for “Mama’s Song”.

FYI, “Mama’s Song” is on The Spin Cycle EP. Buy it here.

Mama’s Song (Official Video) – The Dirty Sock Funtime Band – YouTube.

You should also buy the other Dirty Sock Funtime Band albums because they are awesome. Links below.

And oh yeah — Happy Mother’s Day!

Aug 14 2012

Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor at P&G Family Home

Kerri Walsh Birthday Celebration

We know the Olympics are over but we couldn’t resist posting these pics of Gold Medal Beach Volleyball winners Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor enjoying themselves at the P&G Family Home.

Kerri and Misty are particularly fun to watch. No, not because they compete in bikinis. The Gold Medal three-peaters have a rare combination of enthusiasm, competitive spirit, and… let’s just call it “yeah!”


They look like they’re pumped up in the most positive way possible. It’s awesome.

We don’t know what the pair plans on doing next, but we’d like to suggest motivational speaking.

Kerri and Misty happen to be moms as well as big-time Olympic athletes, both having gotten married and started families since their last Gold Medal win in 2008.

Here is a gallery of Misty and Kerri pics, along with some info about the P&G U.S. Family Home. Photos and text were provided to DaddyTips by a publicity representative. Read more »

Jun 11 2012

Ben Affleck Looks Like a Regular Dad

We stumbled across a photo of Ben Affleck and his daughters Violet and Seraphina and decided to share it with you. Why? Because the man who played Daredevil looks like a regular dad in this shot.

You have to click through to X17 to see it, cuz we don’t want to pay for the rights to the photo, nor do we want to violate said rights. Who says this isn’t the DaddyTips Age of Respect For Intellectual Property?

X17 Online – Pix of the Day – Ben Affleck Being a Dad

Dec 28 2011

Crown Royal Race Matt Photo Gallery (DaddyTips Road Trip)

DaddyTips Road Trip

The main event of our DaddyTips Road Trip to Las Vegas, courtesy of Crown Royal, was Race Matt. Matt as in Matt Kenseth, NASCAR driver. And “race” as in “driving.”

Me. Yes. Driving a race car. On the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Here are some pics.

Read more »

Dec 18 2011

National Finals Rodeo Photo Gallery (DaddyTips Road Trip)

DaddyTips Road Trip

When we took our DaddyTips Road Trip to Las Vegas, courtesy of Crown Royal, we first visited the National Finals Rodeo. Crown Royal is involved in the The Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund, meaning it was fun for a good cause. Here are some pics. Read more »

Oct 02 2011

NY Comic Con Photos 2010

Mario And Others NY ComicCon 2010

With the 2011 New York Comic Con almost upon us, I realized that I had pics from 2010 that I hadn’t shared. So here are some amusing photos from the 2010 New York Comic Con. Yoshis, Galactus and Archie — oh my! Read more »