Nov 10 2015

A Classic Couple

Is it Droid Love? I never thought of them like that, but I guess it could be.

Jul 23 2013

The Play Doh Royal Baby And Family

You may have heard something about the royal baby. But have you seen the royal baby and family rendered in Play-Doh? You’re about to.

Play-Doh Royal Baby and Family

What’s that you say? You haven’t heard anything about this? Are you sure? It kind of took over all forms of media, social and traditional. Son of Catherine (aka Kate Middleton), Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William? Grandson of Queen Elizabeth II? Future King of England? Not ringing any bells?

OK, I had to look up everybody’s names on CNN because I’m not a big royal watcher. But I’m not a royal hater either. The truth is that people seem to be genuinely interested in the royal bambino, just as they were with the royal wedding. (Sorry, I should probably say Royal Wedding.) I don’t begrudge people their distractions. (Avengers movie, cough cough.)

Whatever your opinion on all things royalty, I think we can all agree that the Play-Doh Royal Family is an impressive piece of work. According to information we received, it was made entirely from Play-Doh, using over 30 cans of the stuff, and took over five hours. (That sounds pretty fast to me, actually.)

Photo courtesy of the good folks from Play-Doh.

Jul 19 2013

Blueberries For Dinner Poem

I’m drinking my dinner
(it’s not what you think)
I washed off some blueberries
Right in my sink
Made ’em into a smoothie
That did the trick
Cuz the idea of cooking
It just makes me sick.

Because it’s really hot. Have I mentioned that?


Jun 11 2013

Baby Spy With A Jetpack is Cute (Dirty Sock Funtime Band)

The Dirty Sock Funtime Band brings us this cute picture of a Baby Spy with a jetpack. Check it out:

Right? Cute kid, and well-done costume. We particularly like the flames.

For the uninitiated, The Dirty Sock Funtime Band has been described (by me) as the Frank Zappa of the children’s music scene. (It may be tacky to quote yourself, it does make for easy fact-checking.) You may have seen them on Jack’s Big Music Show, or heard their tunes at Chuck E. Cheese.

Here is the video for the Dirty Socks’ song Baby Spies, which inspired the cute photo above.


If you like that — and why wouldn’t you, it’s great — you should check out the band’s RocketHub campaign for their new album, The Dirty Socks Come Clean. There a variety of ways you can “Join The Band” (not literally) while getting some cool stuff, such as a signed poster, t-shirts, and an early download of the new album. Learn more here.

via @TheDirtySocks

RocketHub link

Shop Dirty Sock Funtime Band albums

Apr 15 2013

Baby And French Bulldog Puppies Pics (Links)

Buzzfeed was kind enough to post these pics of a baby hanging out with a bunch of French Bulldog puppies. We’ll just give you the link.

Whatever badness is currently happening in your life or the world, these 11 pics are a welcome respite from that.

11 Incredibly Important Photos Of A Baby Covered In French Bulldog Puppies (Buzzfeed)

Aug 14 2012

Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor at P&G Family Home

Kerri Walsh Birthday Celebration

We know the Olympics are over but we couldn’t resist posting these pics of Gold Medal Beach Volleyball winners Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor enjoying themselves at the P&G Family Home.

Kerri and Misty are particularly fun to watch. No, not because they compete in bikinis. The Gold Medal three-peaters have a rare combination of enthusiasm, competitive spirit, and… let’s just call it “yeah!”


They look like they’re pumped up in the most positive way possible. It’s awesome.

We don’t know what the pair plans on doing next, but we’d like to suggest motivational speaking.

Kerri and Misty happen to be moms as well as big-time Olympic athletes, both having gotten married and started families since their last Gold Medal win in 2008.

Here is a gallery of Misty and Kerri pics, along with some info about the P&G U.S. Family Home. Photos and text were provided to DaddyTips by a publicity representative. Read more »

Dec 28 2011

Crown Royal Race Matt Photo Gallery (DaddyTips Road Trip)

DaddyTips Road Trip

The main event of our DaddyTips Road Trip to Las Vegas, courtesy of Crown Royal, was Race Matt. Matt as in Matt Kenseth, NASCAR driver. And “race” as in “driving.”

Me. Yes. Driving a race car. On the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Here are some pics.

Read more »