May 10 2014

Let Men Take Care of the Kids

I’m watching a debate on BBC World News Intelligence2 (squared), World of Debate. The topic is “Can the hand that rocks the cradle also rock the boardroom?” Two women are arguing no, two others are arguing yes. Luckily some people are making the point that it is possible to let men take care of the children and run the household.
I’ve been beating this drum for a long time. The question that women can or can’t “have it all” is one that men seem not to have to answer. That pressure can come from women themselves.
Nobody can “have it all.” I don’t have it all. Maybe the supremely wealthy and well-adjusted can come close, but the phrasing itself is unrealistic in any context.
Attitudes badly need to change. Even the most negative members of this particular panel agree that change is happening, albeit at a “glacial pace” according to one of the speakers.
“We’ve got to stop beating ourselves up,” says one woman on the show. (They aren’t putting their names on the screen; I’ll try to look it up later.) I could not agree with this more. I’m not a perfect father, and that has nothing to do with work. Actually, I’m going to correct myself. Sometimes it is about work. If I have a tight deadline for an article that sometimes means ignoring my kids while I pound away at my laptop. I used to feel awful when I did this, and I still feel some guilt whenever it happens. I can only imagine how much worse a woman with a busy work schedule feels. The expectations are so different.
I’ve said it so many times but it bears repeating: there will never be a magazine called Working Father. There is one called Working Mother. Think about that.

Jan 17 2013

Sometimes You Have To Ask A Parent

From a disturbing article about the goings on in a town with very few women comes an amusing comment. Note: the story itself is not amusing. At all. This comment, however, is.

Jezebel Comment - Go Limp










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Aug 15 2011

Wonder Woman Complete Series DVD [DaddyDeals]

Wonder Woman The Complete Collection

Today’s DaddyDeal is a superhero TV classic – the complete Wonder Woman series on DVD for only $35.49.  This deal brings back many fond memories. Read more »

Sep 25 2009

Some Women Save Money By Not Using Birth Control


From Salon via MomLogic:

Eight percent of women are using birth control less regularly as a means of saving money and, among women in financial decline, that number rises to 12 percent.

Can you say pennywise and pound foolish?


Jul 27 2009

Show and Tell – The Male Brain

The Male Brain

Oprah, or rather one of her many minions, tells us about the male brain. Unfortauntely the research was based on Steadman, and is therefore flawed. I kid. Sort of. (CNN/Oprah)

New phrase: “dead-finger tech.” As in “you’d have to pry that thing from my cold, dead hands.” Or finger. “dead-hand tech” doesn’t have the same ring to it. Christopher Dawson couldn’t live without Google Apps. Me, I need food. But I’m a weirdo. (ZDNet)

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May 11 2009

Carrie Prejean Lied About Implants

That is, she lied about when they happened.

It’s a good thing she’s insanely hot. Otherwise she might have to rely on her wits to survive.

Carrie Prejean Topless Shots Taken Post-Implants. (TMZ via HuffPo)

May 07 2009

The Beautiful Raquel Welch

The woman was gorgeous, as this video shows.

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