May 27 2015

You know you have kids when…

You know you have kids when this phrase comes up during your day and you actually find yourself trying to figure out what the heck it means:


Pokemon Type Chart

Pokemon Type Chart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Don’t worry, the above chart won’t be on the quiz.)


Is a director’s cut version of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire


Source: Wikipedia





Aug 19 2014

Real Life Japanese Toy (Buying) Story

From Kotaku East, the story of a father trying to buy a Yokai Watch watch, which apparently isn’t a watch. It’s some kind of anime-related toy. The story, which I admit I expected to find exasperating, is actually rather sweet, mostly because the author, Brian Ashcraft, appears to have raised his son well. There’s no whining, no “dad, you go wait on line for the toy while I sit home and ignore the 782 toys that I already have”. The kid, who is 5 years old, even calls Toys R Us himself. He also does something very cute that I won’t spoil for you because it’s, well, cute, and the original article isn’t very long so just go ahead and click the link below and read it.

Consider it research: according to one of the related links below, the company that makes the Yokai Watch non-watch could release it over here. Looking at how popular this thing is in Japan, I’d say it’s worth a try.

Buying Japan’s Most Popular Toy Was Crazy Hard – Kotaku

Oct 13 2010

Lego Pokemon

Lego Pikachu and friends

Don’t you have anything better to do than look at pictures of Lego Pokemon? Yes. But c’mon. Lego Pikachu is cute. Lego Gastly kind of scares me, though.

36 Cute Lego Pokemon!: Pics, Videos, Links, News (Buzzfeed)

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Pokémon Mini-Comic Letters to an Absent Father

Potty Time With Pikachu

Jun 21 2010

Pokémon Mini-Comic Letters to an Absent Father

The Pokémon Mini-Comic ‘Letters to an Absent Father‘ is a bit on the sad side. Written and drawn by Mare Odomo, the mini-comic is a series of letters from Pokémon majordomo Ash Ketchum to his dad (Mr. Ketchum? Is his first name Hank?). says that “Nobody watched the Pokémon cartoon for pointed observations around the emotional difficulties of single-parent families.” Speak for yourself!

Most of ‘Letters to an Absent Father’ is online at If you want a print copy, here are the details. The size is 4.25 inches x 4.25 inches (“Fits in your Nintendo DS cartridge case!” – cute) Each copy costs $3; for $5, the artist will “draw you a picture on the back or on the inside.” I rarely buy stuff like this; I’m trying to purchase less physical media since it takes up too much space. (Plus I’m a cheapskate.) Still, the sales pitch is clever, and the price is about what you pay for a regular comic book. Granted, those have more pages, but try getting Neal Adams to draw you something special for only two dollars! Not gonna happen.

via Pokémon-Inspired Mini-Comic Reveals Ash’s Parental Issues | GameLife |

Level 2 Reader: Meet Ash (Dk Readers. Level 2) [Paperback] image via Amazon

Apr 08 2008

Potty Time With Pikachu

This isn’t as funny as it should be, but it was made by a sixth grader, so cut him some slack.