Jul 09 2012

Peter Parker’s Parents in Spider-Man Comics

The Amazing Spider-Man made millions of dollars opening weekend. But what about Peter Parker’s parents? The movie didn’t offer a lot of answers. If you want to know, as I did, what the origins of Spider-Man’s parents are in the original comics, never fear, True Believer! I have researched this topic and discovered… the truth.


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May 09 2012

Pre-Order New Spider-Man Video Game From Amazon To Play As Stan Lee

Pre-Order The Amazing Spider-Man Videogame From Amazon To Play as Stan Lee

Click for full-size image. Excelsior!

If you pre-order the new The Amazing Spider-Man video game from Amazon, you get a special bonus level where you play as Stan Lee. With superpowers, ‘natch. How neat is that? Read more »

May 09 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer #2


The second trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man was shown before The Avengers. Looks like this could be a very good summer for fans of comic book movies.