Jul 09 2012

Peter Parker’s Parents in Spider-Man Comics

The Amazing Spider-Man made millions of dollars opening weekend. But what about Peter Parker’s parents? The movie didn’t offer a lot of answers. If you want to know, as I did, what the origins of Spider-Man’s parents are in the original comics, never fear, True Believer! I have researched this topic and discovered… the truth.


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May 09 2012

Pre-Order New Spider-Man Video Game From Amazon To Play As Stan Lee

Pre-Order The Amazing Spider-Man Videogame From Amazon To Play as Stan Lee

Click for full-size image. Excelsior!

If you pre-order the new The Amazing Spider-Man video game from Amazon, you get a special bonus level where you play as Stan Lee. With superpowers, ‘natch. How neat is that? Read more »

Sep 21 2011

Yes, There Are Comic Books For Kids

Tiny Titans - Welcome To The Treehouse

The website Sequential Tart (great name) has a story about comic books for kids. A lot of great comics are mentioned, and I wanted to weigh in.

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Jul 25 2009

Full Episodes of Japanese Spiderman Series

This is weird, but also kind of fun.

Marvel.com has full episodes of the Japanese Spiderman series. As the song in the intro says, “Yeah Yeah Yeah WOW!”

Here’s a sample episode:

You can watch tons more, including “The Hero’s Shining Hot Blood” (which as far as I know is not X-rated) at Marvel’s Japanese Spiderman Movie Hub. They have English subtitles, but they don’t make a lot of sense. I mean, they do, but not really. It’s fun stuff, though.


Apr 01 2009

Weekly Stack – 4-1-09

This is a new feature here on DaddyTips. We’ll tell you what comic books we’re picking up this week and give you some comments as well. (Sorry hi-falutin fancy pants people, but they’re not “graphic novels”.) Read more »