May 13 2013

Saturday Evening Post Vintage Mother’s Day Ads (Links)

A day late but here is a link to a gallery of vintage Mother’s Day ads from the Saturday Evening Post. Enjoy.

Mother’s Day Vintage Ad Gallery | The Saturday Evening Post.

May 12 2013

Mama’s Song (Official Video) – The Dirty Sock Funtime Band

In honor of Mother’s Day, DaddyTips Featured Video is a new one from The Dirty Sock Funtime Band — Mama’s Song.

Here’s an explanation from the band’s official YouTube page:

Over the last few months we’ve asked families to share photos of mom with her loved ones and received over a HUNDRED AND FIFTY wonderful photos, proudly featured in our music video for “Mama’s Song”.

FYI, “Mama’s Song” is on The Spin Cycle EP. Buy it here.

Mama’s Song (Official Video) – The Dirty Sock Funtime Band – YouTube.

You should also buy the other Dirty Sock Funtime Band albums because they are awesome. Links below.

And oh yeah — Happy Mother’s Day!

May 11 2013

Amazon Gift Card – Great Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift (Tips)

Here’s a DaddyTip — an Amazon Gift Card is a great last minute Mother’s Day gift. Like, really last minute. Like if it’s actually Mother’s Day and you find yourself saying “oops. What do I do?”

Answer: Amazon Gift Card. Instant and easy.

See below.

Shop Amazon -There’s Still Time to Make Mom’s Day with an Gift Card

And remember — NO SPANX.

May 11 2012

Spanx For Mother’s Day? No Thanks (Tips)

Here’s a tip for last-minute Mother’s Day shoppers. Don’t get mom Spanx.

Spanx for Mother's Day? No Thanks.

Spanx? No thanks.

Despite this suggestion from the cover of a Spanx catalog, I must say that I cannot imagine buying Spanx for any of the moms in my life. Spanx for the wife? Are you kidding me? And Spanx for your own mother? That’s just creepy. Read more »

May 06 2010

A Kindle For Mothers Day [Mothers Day Gifts]

A Kindle For Mothers Day

Here’s an idea — get mom a Kindle for Mothers Day.

Why a Kindle? Well, despite the fact that the iPad got all the media attention, the device is not for everyone. The Kindle is much more like a book. The screen has no illumination, and before you say “but that’s a bad thing”, remember what else has no illumination — paper. The reading experience is much closer to the way us old folks have been reading for years, despite the iPad’s nifty page turning animation.

Also, if you’ve waited this long to get your mom or the mother of your children a gift, Amazon is offering free overnight shipping for Mothers Day. So it will actually get there in time. Something to think about.


May 05 2009

Free Shipping at The Shelving Store

Who doesn’t need shelving?

The free shipping offer is for Mother’s Day. Personally, we do not recommend buying your mother shelves, even if they are very nice shelves. The deal is good, though. Buy some of these and install them for mom, maybe, while also getting her something else.

Free Shipping Offer – good on orders above $199.

If you’re not ordering that much, try this 5% off discount:

The Shelving Store 5% Off 120x240

May 04 2009

Mother’s Day Deals At

Mother’s Day. You cannot ignore it. Well, if you don’t have a mother to buy something for, OK. But if you do, even if you’re mad at her, you have to buy her something. Read more »