Nov 02 2017

Free Thor Digital Comics On Kindle

Today only, get free Thor digital comics on Kindle. It’s THORSDAY! Get it?!?

Anyway, get free Thor comics today ONLY. Thursday November 2, 2017. THAT’S IT. Sorry for the late notice but I only just found out myself.


And for those of us who like it old school, check this out.


Source: Thor Digital Comics

Dec 08 2015

Amazon Kindle Trade-In

Got an old Kindle, working or not? Amazon will take it. Welcome to the Amazon Kindle Trade-In.

They might only give you a few bucks for it, but Amazon will take your old Kindle off your hands and give you a credit towards a brand-new Kindle.

1st Gen Kindle Trade-in

Yes, even if you have a 1st Gen Kindle (remember when that was introduced and it was, like, all expensive and stuff?), Amazon will give you five dollars for it, working or not. Hey, it beats throwing it in a landfill, or a poke in the eye.

You get an Amazon Gift Card and a $20 bonus towards the purchase of a new Kindle. Details at the link. Limited time offer, read the fine print, do your homework, be a smart shopper, and hey — let’s be careful out there.

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Jan 07 2015

Kindle Book Sale (DaddyDeals)

A lil’ post-holiday season DaddyDeal — big ol’ Kindle Book Sale.

$1.99 each. That’s not bad.

One of the titles is this:

Shame on You

That seems like the 50 Shades of Grey influence. Or maybe these filthy, filthy books were always out there, but now they are more heavily promoted.

But don’t worry. There’s also stuff for the kids!

Sneezy the Snowman

Bottom line: lots of Kindle books for $1.99 each. Now through January 25, 2015. Check Amazon’s website for details. Prices subject to change. Your mileage may vary. You probably shouldn’t buy that book with the handcuffs on the cover for your kids. But you knew that. Kindle Book Sale: Kindle Store.

Oct 02 2014

Compare Amazon’s Fire HD 6 $99 Tablets

Thinking about a tablet? In addition to their new kid-friendly Kindle Fire, Amazon has two new Fire HD tablets starting at only $99. Which one is right for you? Here’s a handy-dandy graphic comparing the two new low-priced models. (Note: I’m not sure why Amazon has dropped the Kindle name from the Fire HD, but as far as I can tell they have.)

Compare Fire HD tablets


Both are good options. I can’t say I’ve used either one hands on, but the price is right especially if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Fire HD 6 – Amazon.

Sep 19 2014

Amazon Has a New Kid-Friendly Kindle Fire

Maybe you have an iPad, or an Android Tablet. Or maybe even a Kindle Fire. You love it. So do your kids. They get their greasy fingerprints all over your greasy fingerprints. (Aside: tablets have got to be a germaphobe’s nightmare. All that touching…)

Ideally, if you can afford it, you’d like to get your kid(s) a tablet of their own. Amazon hopes that you will buy their new kid-friendly Kindle Fire.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

Called the Fire HD Kids Edition, this is not a kiddie-Kindle. It’s a full-fledged Fire HD, available with either a 6 or 7-inch display. What makes it kid-friendly are the following features:

A “Kid-Proof Case” is included. Basically it’s a protective bumper-style case that you can buy for existing tablets, but with the Fire HD Kids Edition, you don’t have to buy it separately and you can pick between three different colors — blue, green, or pink. More important is this next bit.

– 2-Year Worry-Free Guarantee. Here is the wording from “Enjoy the peace of mind with an unprecedented 2-year worry-free guarantee—if they break it, we’ll replace it for free. No questions asked.” That’s huge. Really. Kids break stuff. It happens. Usually you have to pay a bundle for an extended warranty, and if the thing actually does break you have to crawl through broken glass to get them to repair/replace it. A 2-year, no questions asked replacement policy is a sweet thing.

– One Year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. Described by Amazon as, “a hand-curated subscription of over 5,000 kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games,” this is presumably the razor blade to the Fire razor. Get a year for free, get the kid hooked, then start making your annual tithe to Amazon after the free year is up. There’s no obligation to do so, though. Sometimes parents forget that they can say no.

That said, here are two quotes from Amazon’s site:

“FreeTime is AWESOME. Age appropriate for each kid and the parental controls are priceless. My son has to read books for 30 min each day before it unlocks videos and games.” – Valerie
“I use Kindle FreeTime & it is PERFECT!!!! I can use the apps that FreeTime has, but also add other apps like Angry Birds, Temple Run, etc.” – Whitney

So you can use the tablet yourself when the kids are done with it. That’s handy. Also, as much as I prefer the idea of actually saying “you have to read a book before you can play video games”, the idea of assigning that task to a machine is… well, it’s future-thinking, it’s where we’re headed as a society (at least those who can afford it) and I like the feature. It’s not clear to me if you would still be able to use the Parental Controls/Kindle FreeTime without a subscription.

Bottom line: not a bad price for what looks like a pretty powerful and useful tablet. Available for pre-order now. Read more about it at, and also check out the articles below (which come from other sites and we take no responsibility for their content).

Dec 14 2013

The Hunger Games Trilogy eBook Only $14.99

This is a hot steaming DaddyDeal right here. The Hunger Games Trilogy, all three books, electronically delivered to your Kindle for only $14.99. That’s change from your (electronic) dollar!

I’ve enjoyed both of The Hunger Games movies so far but the books are way better. It’s not a fair comparison; the books are told from Katniss’ point of view, something that would be impossible on screen. That said, there’s a propulsive nature to the narrative as written on the page, or in this case on your own personal screen… Hmm. I’ll have to re-think that phrase, “on screen”, as it relates to book-to-movie adaptations. An eBook is, of course, on a screen. It’s just not a big movie screen. But you can watch a movie on Kindle Fire, or even a really small screen, like an iPod Classic. (I do this often when riding public transportation; usually I watch The Avengers again. And again. Have I mentioned that I really like The Avengers movie?)

Anyway, whatever. This is becoming a stream of consciousness thing and all I wanted to do was inform you that it is possible to purchase all three of Suzanne Collins’ excellent books for your Kindle at the low price of only $14.99. That’s a damn good deal right there. The Hunger Games Trilogy eBook: Suzanne Collins: Kindle Store.

Sep 18 2013

Kindle Fire HD Limited Time Deal (Again)

DaddyDeal for you — Amazon is selling the Kindle Fire HD for $159, $40 less than the regular price of $199. Again. But that’s a good thing!

You might remember this DaddyDeal from such deals as Kindle Fire HD Limited Time Deal. To continue our Simpsons references, there’s this gem from the episode “Radio Bart”:

Announcer: … But order now. Supply is limited.
Homer: Gasp! Limited!?!? [frantically dials the phone]
Do you have any of those microphones left?
Clerk: [standing in a warehouse filled to the roof with boxes of microphones] Yeah, a couple…

(Above via; see also, which is the best name for a website ever so far this week.)

Now that this Kindle Fire HD Limited Deal has returned, we would forgive you for thinking, “Limited? Oh please. I can get this price anytime I want.” We can honestly say that this is not the case. We don’t recall the exact moment that the price on the device (hey, that rhymes!) went back to $199 from $159, but it did happen. And now it’s back down again.

Bottom line: if you want an Amazon Kindle Fire, you may as well get it now while Amazon is offering it to you for a cheaper price.

Check out our original DaddyDeal page for more info on the Kindle Fire HD.

Handy links to buy these things (aren’t we nice?):

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