May 09 2015

Father-Son Coach Team at Baylor

We’ve written about father and son quarterbacks, now we have fathers and sons coaching college football at Baylor.


English: An American football game between the...

English: An American football game between the 1952 Houston Cougars and the Baylor Bears at Rice Stadium in Houston. Pictured are Houston’s M. “Buddy” Gillioz (#77), J.D. Kimmel (#78), and Roland Johnson (#80), and Baylor’s “Cotton” Davidson (#19). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


(The above photo is old, but it does have the Baylor Bears in it. Public Domain for the win.)

“There’s obviously added pressure there,” said Kendal Briles, who will also be quarterbacks coach in his eighth season working for his father.


Pressure? Gee, ya think? NFL football is high stakes, but I think college football can be even more intense. Although whatever they do, it’s unlikely the Briles will screw up as royally as Shanahan and Son did in Washington.

Source: Baylor Coach Makes Father-Son Bet –




Dec 20 2014

DaddyTips Comment 12-20-14 (Video)

The third DaddyTips Video commentary has arrived. Today, 12-20-14, I’m talking about NFL football.

DaddyTips Featured Video

Because this video is a little bit longer than usual (it’s about 3 minutes long; the other two have been closer to 2 minutes), and because I wrote it out rather than improvising, I’m going to include the full text here. It’s still faster to watch the video, unless you happen to be a speed reader. But if you don’t watch, you miss out on my stellar wit and brilliant facial expressions.

DaddyTips Video Comment


So here we go. This is fun. If you like the video, please share it with anyone and everyone.

Thanks for reading/watching/sharing, and most of all thanks for just being you. Happy holidays!

(Text of video follows.)

The NFL, The NFL
Today I’ll be talking / about football-all-ell

Today is Saturday, December 20. There will be 2 football games, billed as a special Saturday edition of Thursday Night Football. Despite the fact that that phrasing is a sign of the apocalypse – kind of like midnight movie premieres that are actually at 7pm – I like football enough that I’m going to watch the games.

Today’s comment is not about one of the Saturday games, it’s about the Bears/Lions game, which is on Sunday.
Apparently the Bears are going to start Jimmy Clausen instead of Jay Cutler. This quote is from an article on Michigan’s written by Kyle Meinke, titled “Golden Tate hopes Jimmy Clausen ‘stays safe’ against Detroit Lions defense“.

“He may give us a spark. Who knows? We’re not sure, but I think it was a good time to take a look.”

That’s Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman talking about his decision to start Clausen instead of Cutler.

NFL coaches are an intriguing breed. Generally they live and breathe football. They spend endless hours studying tape, coming up with plays, and thinking of ways to motivate their players.

“He may give us a spark. Who knows?”

Compare this to Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, who, when asked if his team could win the Super Bowl with their backup quarterback, said yes. To be fair, he was ASKED. He didn’t make a proclamation like Rex Ryan, the sometimes crazy coach of the hapless New York Jets.

The Cardinals have suffered a pile of injuries to key players, including starting quarterback Carson Palmer. They are currently 11-3, first place in their division, the NFC West. They are also the ONLY team in the NFC that has clinched a playoff spot.

The Bears are 5-9. That’s LAST place in the NFC North. They haven’t lost their starting quarterback. Until Sunday, when they plan to put in a guy who hasn’t started a game since 2010. Because they’re out of the playoffs.

Maybe coaching does matter.

It was suggested to me by a friend that I end these videos with a Tip, since they are being posted on – wait for it – My tip today is:
Be more like Bruce Arians than Marc Trestman. I don’t follow the Cardinals closely, but from what I’ve heard and read, Arians appears to do everything he can to help his team win, including convincing his players that they CAN win, no matter what. Trestman – you know, the guy who said “Who knows?” when asked if starting Jimmy Clausen would help the Bears beat the Lions, would seem to be cut from different cloth.
My point? Buck the odds. Say “why not me?” instead of “who knows?”

Happy holidays.

(Note: The music used at the end is “I Am A Bear In A Lady’s Boudoir” by Cliff Edwards, recorded circa October 25, 1933. It’s in the Public Domain and available for download at the invaluable Internet Archive.)

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Nov 27 2013

Happy Chanukah And a Jewish NFL Player

DaddyTips wishes everyone a Happy Chanukah, and also offers these Tweets from and about a Jewish NFL player, the New England Patriots‘ Julian Edelman. Also some videos showing that the dude can play.

Edelman had a big week for the Pats this past week, accounting for two of the team’s touchdowns. We should have predicted this because we dropped him in our fantasy football league. (Sorry Mr. Edelman, it’s nothing personal. Or maybe we shouldn’t apologize. Any player we drop in fantasy football tends to be successful on the field immediately after said droppage. Not that we think we control the sports universe or anything. It’s just something we’ve noticed.)

Moving away from Edelman’s real football success (and our fantasy football failures), here is a tweet from the Patriots’ wide receiver, who spent some time being charitable recently.

And here are two tweets that Mr. Edelman re-tweeted, including one in which Happy Chanukah wishes are offered.

There aren’t a ton of Jewish NFL players, not because of a conspiracy or anything, there simply aren’t a lot of Jewish football players in general as far as we know.

Edelman, for what it’s worth, is a player that we’ve always liked. Plays well, plays hard, gets the job done. Here is a video of Edelman returning a punt 94 yards for a touchdown back in 2011.

And here is a video of Edelman blocking, delivering a rather serious hit to an opposing player.

Makes me want to watch some football. Oh! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Chanukah being so frickin’ early this year just became more OK.

Happy Chanukah from DaddyTips!

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Sep 15 2013

Joe Flacco Should Play Today (UPDATED)

Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco’s wife gave birth this morning. Congratulations! For the record, it is totally okay with me if he plays football today.
Not that anyone has asked me. But I wanted to let y’all know my opinion anyway.
Thank you. That is all.

Updated September 17, 2013: Flacco played. As far as I can tell, nobody got upset. “As far as I can tell” in this case means I haven’t seen any blog posts about Joe Flacco playing football on the day his son was born. I also haven’t looked.

Sep 02 2013

Video – Alabama High School Football Coaches Fighting (Stupidity)

Via Deadspin, a story about high school football coaches behaving very badly:

Alabama High School Coaches Fighting on the Field

Alabama high school football coaches coming to blows after a game shouldn’t be that surprising, considering how seriously Alabama takes football in general, but that doesn’t make the incident any less ridiculous.

Here’s the video:

The key phrase above is “but that doesn’t make the incident any less ridiculous.” I don’t care how “seriously Alabama takes football in general,” these are adults being paid to coach kids. Yes, high school football is a big deal in some parts of these United States. Youth sports in general have become increasingly popular over the past 10+ years (my estimate), with major media coverage of younger and younger players. Remember the story about a 13-year-old QB committing to USC in 2010? (Here’s a follow-up on the now 17-year-old David Sills from June of 2013 if you’re interested; I admit to not actually watching the video I just linked to because I don’t really care.)

In case the above parenthetical was unclear, I’m not a fan of the excessive media coverage of youth sports. These are kids, most of whom will not go on to have professional sports careers, and they don’t benefit financially from the attention they receive unless they do manage to make it to the pro level. I am a fan of kids participating in youth sports, and I hope that the increased scrutiny of young athletes hasn’t taken away any opportunities for less talented youngsters to get on the field. For example, I was a sub-par baseball player — my first season I didn’t get a hit, although I was third on the team in walks because I quickly realized that 12-year-old pitchers don’t hit the strike zone all that often (at least they didn’t back then). By the time I stopped playing, I was good enough to start at first base and probably hit about .260 (guessing here). But I loved baseball. I was never going to be a superstar, but neither were most of my teammates. Why did I quit? Because the kids AND THE COACHES became increasingly hostile and hyper-competitive. Competitiveness can be a good thing on and off the field. But when a grown man screams and curses at a 10-year-old for striking out, that’s insane. A lack of sportsmanship from teammates doesn’t help either. This isn’t to say that everybody has to congratulate you for whiffing at an easy pitch and ending the inning with the bases loaded. But, to paraphrase Lisa Simpson, why would you come to our game just to boo (and curse at) us?

That’s why the video upsets me. It looks like a freakin’ bar bawl. I know these aren’t little kids; many high school football players are anything but little these days. It doesn’t matter. No one should behave like this, but for non-professional coaches it’s even more embarrassing.

via Alabama High School Football Coaches Get Into Postgame Brawl (Deadspin)


Nov 22 2012

Calvin Johnson’s Dad Told Him It Would Be OK

Watching some Thanksgiving football now. Phil Simms just told a little story about the Detroits Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson. Apparently Johnson had been getting frustrated by his stats so far this season. Calvin’s dad said it would be OK. (I’m paraphrasing from memory, so that’s not a quote.)

Anyway, it would appear dad was correct. Calvin Johnson just made an amazing touchdown catch and is already over 100 yards receiving in the first half of the game against the Houston Texans. UPDATE: Here’s video of the catch.


The lesson? Listen to your father.

Happy turkey day!

Jul 22 2012

Max Kellerman Speaks Truth About Joe Paterno Statue (TMZ)

The Joe Paterno statue is coming down, and Max Kellerman tells TMZ that it’s “about time.” It’s always nice to hear someone speak the truth, especially when it’s so obvious and so few people are saying it.

The whole culture of JoePa worship has baffled me since I became aware of it. I’ve been saying for years that I believe college football is inherently corrupt. Read more »