Nov 08 2020

Garrett Gilbert’s Father Gale Gilbert Was A Quarterback, Too

Garrett Gilbert’s father, Gale Gilbert, was a quarterback too. It’s another case of father and son quarterbacks.

From Wikipedia:

Gale Reed Gilbert is a former American football quarterback who played eight seasons in the NFL for the Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, and the San Diego Chargers. Gilbert is the only player in NFL history to be on five consecutive Super Bowl teams, none of which won.


Bit of a specious claim to fame there, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

He was also a part of The Play:

He played for Cal.

Garrett, of course, is currently the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys because everyone else is injured. Maybe he’ll win one someday. I’m sure his dad will be proud either way. Sports dads are proud of their kids even if they stink, and Gilbert just had a decent debut for (cough) “America’s team.” Following in dad’s footsteps is a nice thing. Playing in the NFL when you weren’t expecting to do so is even better.

May 09 2015

Father-Son Coach Team at Baylor

We’ve written about father and son quarterbacks, now we have fathers and sons coaching college football at Baylor.


English: An American football game between the...

English: An American football game between the 1952 Houston Cougars and the Baylor Bears at Rice Stadium in Houston. Pictured are Houston’s M. “Buddy” Gillioz (#77), J.D. Kimmel (#78), and Roland Johnson (#80), and Baylor’s “Cotton” Davidson (#19). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


(The above photo is old, but it does have the Baylor Bears in it. Public Domain for the win.)

“There’s obviously added pressure there,” said Kendal Briles, who will also be quarterbacks coach in his eighth season working for his father.


Pressure? Gee, ya think? NFL football is high stakes, but I think college football can be even more intense. Although whatever they do, it’s unlikely the Briles will screw up as royally as Shanahan and Son did in Washington.

Source: Baylor Coach Makes Father-Son Bet –




Apr 06 2014

Return Of The Son Of Tweets We Like Today

Here are more tweets that we like. At least today. By which we mean that we will probably still like these tweets tomorrow, but tomorrow there will be even MORE tweets.

English: Twitter Logo in .svg created with Inscape

Actually, there are 500 million tweets tweeted every day, according to this source. That’s a lot of tweeting! Who has time to read all those tweets? How many times can I use a variation of the word tweet in one post? Tweet tweet tweety tweet?

Anyway, here are a few we read today that we liked: Read more »

Jul 09 2012

Father And Son Make Baseball Bats Together

This is your basic “get misty-eyed” father and son story. This time it’s a dad and his son making baseball bats together. Father and son + baseball + handcrafted wood objects = SentiMental Case. (Get it?)

Father-son team crafts wooden baseball bats as hobby | TribLIVE.

Nov 30 2011

Father and Son Made Millions Illegally Dumping Chicken Parts


Mmmm... Chicken...

This headline is literally what the story is about. A father and son made millions illegally dumping chicken parts.

I don’t know what to say about that. But I couldn’t let it go unmentioned. Read more »

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Mar 20 2011

Father And Son Charged in Mail Fraud Scheme

The family that steals together… goes to jail together. Allegedly.

Orange County father-son team charged in $20-million mail fraud scheme | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times.

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Mar 21 2010

Father and Son Charged With Robbing Pharmacy

Andy Griffith, The Robbery (they didn't do it)

A father and son have been charged with robbing a pharmacy in Toms River, New Jersey, according to the Asbury Park Press.

The family that steals together, stays together.

Maybe they got tired of waiting for the health care reform bill to pass?

(Image from, from the Andy Griffith Show, an episode called The Robbery. Andy and Opie were not, as far as we know, involved in this crime.)

Father, son charged with pharmacy burglary in Toms River | | Asbury Park Press.