May 09 2015

Father-Son Coach Team at Baylor

We’ve written about father and son quarterbacks, now we have fathers and sons coaching college football at Baylor.


English: An American football game between the...

English: An American football game between the 1952 Houston Cougars and the Baylor Bears at Rice Stadium in Houston. Pictured are Houston’s M. “Buddy” Gillioz (#77), J.D. Kimmel (#78), and Roland Johnson (#80), and Baylor’s “Cotton” Davidson (#19). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


(The above photo is old, but it does have the Baylor Bears in it. Public Domain for the win.)

“There’s obviously added pressure there,” said Kendal Briles, who will also be quarterbacks coach in his eighth season working for his father.


Pressure? Gee, ya think? NFL football is high stakes, but I think college football can be even more intense. Although whatever they do, it’s unlikely the Briles will screw up as royally as Shanahan and Son did in Washington.

Source: Baylor Coach Makes Father-Son Bet –




Dec 30 2013

Baby Named “Krimson Tyde Steele”

From Deadspin, news of a baby named Krimson Tyde Steele.

Why? Because ROLL TIDE! (Cough.)

From Deadspin:

A couple in Alabama named their newborn boy “Krimson Tyde.” In case you couldn’t figure it out from their kid’s name, they’re big Bama fans.

Deadspin writer Samar Kalaf then goes on to offer suggestions for a different name for the child that would still honor their fandom. “Yellow” and “Ess E. See” are my personal favorites. To be fair, the list does start with “Nick.”

Ah, sports.

A List Of Baby Names Better Than “Krimson Tyde” – Deadspin

Jul 22 2012

Max Kellerman Speaks Truth About Joe Paterno Statue (TMZ)

The Joe Paterno statue is coming down, and Max Kellerman tells TMZ that it’s “about time.” It’s always nice to hear someone speak the truth, especially when it’s so obvious and so few people are saying it.

The whole culture of JoePa worship has baffled me since I became aware of it. I’ve been saying for years that I believe college football is inherently corrupt. Read more »

Sep 25 2009

Clemson Fan Needs To Calm Down

DaddyTips Featured Video

Complete with ESPN commentators mocking him. With a telestrator. Good times, good times.


Upset Clemson Fan Overreacting to the Georgia Tech Loss (Youtube via Deadspin)