Nov 20 2015

French Father Explains Paris Attacks To Son (Video)

This video of a father talking to his son about the Paris attacks might make you cry. Me? Oh, you know. Allergies. #liar

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Oh my. The kid is adorable, and the way the father handles the situation is just wonderful. To be fair, I’m assuming that’s his father. It could be an uncle or a friend. But the tweet says father, so let’s go with that. Excuse me. I need a new box of tissues. I told you. Allergies. #liar

H/T to @thereaIbanksy and the awesomely talented actress Constance Zimmer (currently being awesome on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) who retweeted it.

Oct 16 2013

Electric Bike Giveaway (Not From Us)

The extremely nifty Whit Honea is a big fan of electric bikes from a company called A2B. Luckily for someone, Whit has arranged for a giveaway. That’s right. Somebody is getting a free electric bike. (But not from us. Just so we’re clear on that.)

The always great GeekDad has the info, but they’re not doing the actual giving away. From their site:

The awarding of the Giveaway prize is the responsibility of A2B and not GeekDad. The winner will be contacted by the author of this post (Whit Honea).

So now you know. Hit up the link below for details on how to try and win this thing, along with Whit’s well-written review. (I’m feeling alliterative today. Probably because I keep watching Agents of SHIELD repeatedly, which makes me think about comic books, which makes me think about Stan Lee, who loves the alliteration. None of that has anything to do with the electric bike giveaway.)

GeekDad Giveaway: Win An Electric Bike From A2B | GeekDad.