May 07 2009

Naked Photos of Cassandra Ventura

You know you’re getting old when naked pictures of someone who is supposed to be famous are leaked — and you have NO IDEA who they are.

It’s Cassandra Ventura, aka Cassie. She had a song called “Me & U.” Never heard it. Never heard of her.

BUT! You can see her nude by visiting the link below. Enjoy.

Cassie | The Gossip Girls.

Jul 07 2008

Cynthia Scurtis’ MySpace page

A-Fraud sez: I needed someone more mature.You know, the internets is a funny place. It’s tough to tell what’s real and what isn’t.
Case in point: the woman formerly known as C-Rod has a MySpace page.
A-Fraud (this one we assume is fake) says “Sorry Baby, I need someone more mature.”
We’ll have to check if Cynthia updates her profile. She’s going to need someplace to meet guys, right?

Jul 05 2008

Madonna versus Cynthia

With the news that A-Rod is apparently having an affair with Madonna, we need to ask the important question: who’s hotter?

So, guys, would you leave this:

The lovely, and probably now available, Cynthia Rodriguez (nee Scurtis)

(Cynthia pic from here)

for this?

Madonna may have broken up the marriage of A and C-Rod. Ah, life.

(Madonna pic from here)

Cynthia is 34, Madonna is 49. Obviously, we’re being extremely shallow here. But typically guys, especially jerk-offs like A-Rod, leave their wives for younger women.