Jan 26 2012

Dad Related Link Roundup For Today

Worthington Super Links

Ah, branding. I’ve tried to come up with a consistent title for these DaddyTips link roundups. DaddyTips Link Roundup. Show and Tell. Reading is Fundamental. Reading Makes Me Mental. I give up. Here’s a link roundup on DaddyTips.com, and it’s a series of links to things I saw that I don’t want to recap in a full post because I don’t have time to that and also be a parent.

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Sep 22 2011

Reading Makes Me Mental [Links]

Worthington Super Links

I used to call the DaddyTips Link Roundup Show and Tell or Reading is Fundamental. Then I discovered that the Reading is Fundamental program, RIF, had been defunded. (RIF RIP. Rim shot. Thank you.) I also realized that reading generally makes me mental. Since I never met a play on words I didn’t like, I’ve decided to call the DaddyTips Link Roundup Reading Makes Me Mental.

And wow. Does it ever.

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Aug 30 2010

Dirty Cartoons And Wal-mart Parenting [Reading is Fundamental]

A quick DaddyTips link roundup:

Apr 10 2009

Reading is Fundamental – Megan Fox Has A Clubbed Thumb

Megan Fox, Harry Nilsson and the Palm Pre. Three more things that will likely never, ever be mentioned in the same sentence again. Read more »

Apr 05 2009

Reading is Fundamental – Cocaine And Stuff

Wherein we get our link on and show you some stuff to read. Other than this site. But you knew that. Read more »

Jul 24 2008

Reading is fundamental 7-24-08

What I’m reading as I change my shirt three times a day:

– Gee, I guess firing Willie Randolph was a good idea. (Mets win, take over first place from Phillies – MyWay Sports)

– We all have too much crap. Forbes says you can want to have less. It helps if you can’t afford to buy anything. (How To Want Less Stuff – Forbes.com)

– It’s now illegal to sell Mature-rated video games to minors in New York State. Oh good, this is the biggest problem facing society today. (NY gov signs game bill into law – ZDNet)

Jul 07 2008

Reading is fundamental

Here’s what my allergy-filled eyeballs are looking at today:
* Thanks to Think Mama Think for linking to my Strollerderby post about Orgasmic Birth, specifically the video featuring men and women getting realllly excited during delivery.
* Wired tells us why we laugh (me, it’s because I’m watching old George Carlin videos.)
* If I ever get famous, I’ll be very happy I’m an only child.
* Ah, guys. (Originally found on Yahoo Shine.)