Dec 24 2012

Old Portable TV — More Old Tech Your Kids Can Mock


Remember when it was cool to have something like this? A portable TV?

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Jul 03 2012

Write Stuff Down Because You’ll Forget (Tips)

DaddyTips—Thoughts on Dadding

When a parent tells you to write stuff down, they could be talking about good old to-do lists. I do that constantly; I’m concerned that I’ll forget to do whatever it is I’m writing down, and also because I actually am likely to forget whatever it is unless I write it down. (Follow that?) In this case, I’m not speaking of to-do lists. I’m talking about about stuff you do with your kids. You should write it down because you will forget.

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Oct 04 2011

I Broke My Glasses In A Mosh Pit

Broken Glasses

Last Friday, I broke my glasses in a mosh pit.

Not only am I too old to be breaking my glasses in mosh pits, I’m old enough that I remember a time before mosh pits were called mosh pits.

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