Jul 03 2012

Write Stuff Down Because You’ll Forget (Tips)

DaddyTips—Thoughts on Dadding

When a parent tells you to write stuff down, they could be talking about good old to-do lists. I do that constantly; I’m concerned that I’ll forget to do whatever it is I’m writing down, and also because I actually am likely to forget whatever it is unless I write it down. (Follow that?) In this case, I’m not speaking of to-do lists. I’m talking about about stuff you do with your kids. You should write it down because you will forget.

You may think that you’ll remember. After all, you’re not that old, right?  Read more »

Apr 04 2012

Food Price Observations

I’m becoming obsessed with the price of food. For example, one supermarket near me sells OJ for 2 dollars more than one 20 blocks away. (OJ the beverage, not the former football player.)
Also grapes. One place has them for over 3 bucks a pound. Street vendors have them for $1.50 a pound.
This is not about food prices, though. While it is possible that these prices are some sort of economic indicator, that’s not why I think I’m noticing them.
I think my becoming obsessed with food prices is a sign that I’m getting old. What’s next? Losing my hair?
(Note: Posted from a cellphone while cooking dinner.)