Apr 20 2009

DadNews Daily – Zac Efron Beats Miley Cyrus

No, not an actual beating. That would be news, though. It would be wrong. But it would be news. Read more »

Jul 23 2008

Spitzer Hooker’s Mom Also Kinda Hot

Hey, look who’s got a hot mom. Read more »

Jul 11 2008

Spitzer’s hooker keeping herself in shape

If you were wondering what Ashley Dupre, aka the gal responsible for derailing the career of the man who could have been the first Jewish president (thanks a lot, babe! Sheesh!), is up to these days, well, the New York Post says she’s hanging out at the Jersey Shore with her mom. She’s also pitching a reality show where she will spend time talking and not getting naked, which is really what people want to see. Not us, of course. Other people. (OK, us too.) I suppose they could always wait for the Joe Francis “Girls Gone Wild” video, now that she won’t be suing him.

I kind of want to know what exactly that tattoo says. “Tutela” something?

image: NY Post


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