Jun 12 2013

Man Crate Giveaway Keeps The Stereotypes Alive

For Father’s Day, we found a Man Crate Giveaway. You can’t make this stuff up. Check it:

This manly box comes with hickory wood chips, four steak thermometers, cast-iron smoke-box, and a brass-knuckle meat tenderizer (don’t ask). Just think, he’ll want to try out his new toy which means no cooking for you! 

Oy to the vey.

Man Crate Giveaway! | Sweepstakes & Contests | Parents Connect.

Feb 22 2013

Mom Advice That’s Also Good For Dad

From Mom365 comes some good advice about how to be a “Calm and Happy Mom.” Dads can use these tips as well.

DaddyTips—Thoughts on Dadding

(Full disclosure — I write for Mom365 periodically; here’s an example.)

The third item on the list, “Be Grateful,” is something that I personally want to spend more time on. The author, Valerie Reiss, suggests that a good way to practice gratitude is to “Every day, name three things you’re thankful for; it’s an instant joy boost.” Sounds good to me.

This particular piece of advice is perfect for parents of all genders, dads as well as moms. Most people know that parenting can be frustrating at times. What is less often discussed is how dealing with kids on a daily basis can distract you from other parts of your life. Children, especially young ones, require a lot of attention. It is very easy to get caught up in the details of dirty diapers and daily dinners. That can lead to forgetting how good life is and how lucky you are.

Lest you think gratitude isn’t cool, a certain band called The Beastie Boys would disagree with you.


So would Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. Also me.

Other items on the list include “Dance” (this may not be for everyone but I’ll give it a shot), “Create” (defined here as making something, “even a doodle”), and drinking lots of water, which is healthy and forces you to take a trip to the bathroom more often. Sometimes that counts as a parenting break.

Click the link below for the full list.

10 Ways to Be a Calm & Happy Mom – Mom365.com


Jan 09 2013

Video: The Evolution of Dad Dancing – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (DaddyTube)

This video, The Evolution of Dad Dancing from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, goes on a wee bit too long, but it’s worth watching for the names of the dances, such as (spoiler alert) “Imma Go Get a Beer.” It’s only 2 minutes. Enjoy.

Jimmy Fallon – The Evolution of Dad Dancing: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – YouTube.

Nov 22 2012

Calvin Johnson’s Dad Told Him It Would Be OK

Watching some Thanksgiving football now. Phil Simms just told a little story about the Detroits Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson. Apparently Johnson had been getting frustrated by his stats so far this season. Calvin’s dad said it would be OK. (I’m paraphrasing from memory, so that’s not a quote.)

Anyway, it would appear dad was correct. Calvin Johnson just made an amazing touchdown catch and is already over 100 yards receiving in the first half of the game against the Houston Texans. UPDATE: Here’s video of the catch.


The lesson? Listen to your father.

Happy turkey day!

Nov 21 2012

Would You Defend Your Son If He Killed a Monkey?

Would you defend your son if he killed a monkey? That’s what Jerry Watkins, father of Michael J. Watkins, is doing. Michael J. is accused of killing a money at Zoo Boise in Idaho.

I’ll take “Questions I Never Considered” for $500, Alex.

Here’s a video report from KiviTV.


To be clear: this is all alleged. Michael J. Watkins has been accused of breaking into Zoo Boise and beating a patas monkey “so severely that it later died,” according to the AP (via the Houston Chronicle). The story originated in the Idaho Statesman.

According to published reports, the father, Jerry Watkins, said that he believes Read more »

Jul 06 2011

Tip: Don’t Touch Other People’s Kids

A Very Touching Book for Little People and for Big People

I personally don’t touch other people’s kids. If it’s the child of a friend, obviously that’s different. But as a general rule, I don’t walk up to children I don’t know and pat them on the head or touch them in any way.

So when I saw a post at CafeMom‘s The Stir, I thought I should make it an official DaddyTipDon’t Touch Other People’s Kids. Read more »

Jul 05 2011

Dad And Daughter Trapped on Roller Coaster

A dad and his daughter were trapped on a roller coaster for eight hours. Eight. Hours. It happened in Motherwell, Lanarkshire, which is in Scotland. (Oh, like you knew that.)

The Telegraph has the story. Sounds scary. Read more »