Feb 06 2016

Cam Newton Named His Kid Chosen

With the Super Bowl coming up tomorrow, a little story about how Cam Newton named his kid Chosen. You know, to avoid the pressure of being named Cam Jr.

PLUMBBOB/NEWTON - September 16, 1957 - NEVADA ...

PLUMBBOB/NEWTON – September 16, 1957 – NEVADA TEST SITE — The fireball of the 20th full-scale nuclear detonation of Operation Plumbbob lights Yucca Flat. Code-named NEWTON, the device was suspended by a balloon at an altitude of 1,500 feet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The above photo came up because it happens to contain the word “Newton”, but it also is what happened to my head when I read this story. Don’t get me wrong. Cam can name his kid whatever he likes. However… “Chosen”? I assume he’s joking, at least a little bit, when he says it’s about avoiding pressure.

Father and son quarterbacks are certainly a thing — the Mannings being the easiest example. Peyton Manning will be playing in Super Bowl 50 against Cam Newton. Peyton and his wife Ashley have a son (part of a set of twins), so I guess it’s possible that kid could become a quarterback and Cam’s son could become a quarterback, and then they could play against each other in Super Bowl 75 or something. If so, you heard it speculated about here first.

In the interest of equal time, here’s a story about Peyton Manning doing something nice for a player on the practice squad who helped him with his rehab.

Go good game! Yay both teams!

Cam Newton Rocks Father-and-Son Dab Emoji Shirt Before Game vs. Seahawks

Cam Newton recently became a father, and revealed that his son’s name is Chosen. Why that name? In part, because Newton didn’t want his kid to have to live with the pressure of being named Cam Newton Jr.

Source: Cam Newton Didn’t Want To Put A Lot Of Pressure On His Kid, So He Named Him Chosen (Deadspin)

Jan 05 2011

Cam Newton’s Father coming to BCS championship game

Presumed first-round NFL draft pick Cam Newton has some daddy issues. But that doesn’t mean pops is going to miss the big game.

According to the AP, Cam’s dad Cecil Newton will be attending the BCS Championship Game on Monday January 10, despite the fact that he “was involved in a pay-for-play attempt during his son’s recruitment by Mississippi State that resulted in limited access to Auburn’s athletics program.” But Cam Newton told reporters that his dad and other family members “are going to be loud and proud” at the big game. Here is a more specific exchange from the Orlando Sentinel:

Q. Is your dad coming?
A: Yes, he’s coming.

So there.

It probably doesn’t matter, but I wonder if maybe dad should sit this one out. Assuming the allegations are true (and from what I can tell they are), that means Cecil Newton asked for a lot of money in exchange for telling his son to play at Auburn. That’s not good. By going to the game, he becomes a target for reporters.

Then again, if he didn’t go, that would allow the billions of BCS blowhards to bloviate about that. So maybe he should go ahead and enjoy the game.

I’m not likely to ever be the father of a star athlete (sorry kids, just a feeling — but feel free to prove me wrong!) so I don’t know what it feels like to watch your child play in a big game like this one. I do know that I feel proud when one of my kids does anything cool, and if I did have a big time quarterback for a son, I know I would want to be there cheering him on.

Then again, I would never ask a school for a bribe in order to convince my son to play for a school, or do anything else for that matter. So there’s that.

Another question that came up when all of this stuff happened is whether or not Cam Newton knew what his dad was allegedly doing. It seems unlikely that he didn’t, but it’s not impossible. Fathers can be shitheads, and sons can be clueless. The NCAA didn’t punish Cam Newton, and if he’s a good QB, he’ll get drafted in the NFL and make a boatload of money. (Bleacher Report has a lengthy article about why Cam Newton wasn’t punished by the NCAA; I skimmed it but maybe you want to read the whole thing.) But if he didn’t know what his dad was doing, he might want to consider taking advice from someone else.

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