Aug 20 2014

The Six Dollar Man – Sesame Street Video

How I found this is too complicated/boring to explain. But finding the video of this vintage Sesame Street sketch, The Six Dollar Man, made me smile. Hope it does the same for you.

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This is, of course, a parody of The Six Million Dollar Man, a show I also look back upon fondly.

h/t The Six Dollar Man – Muppet Wiki.

Jul 10 2013

Gizmodo Writer Tries Bionic Leg (Video)

Gizmodo writer Brent Rose wins the Internet for the day. He tried out a bionic leg.

Really. He did. There’s even video.

Cool, right? I didn’t read the entire article, but here are a few nifty bionic tidbits: Read more »

Apr 15 2013

Six Million Dollar Man Tin Tote – No, A Lunchbox

I love me some Six Million Dollar Man. And when I was a lad, I had a lunchbox. I don’t think I had one with Steve Austin on it, but I would have liked it if I did.

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 3, featuring Bigfoot

Season 3 had Bigfoot.

Apparently we don’t call them lunchboxes anymore though. We call them Tin Totes.

I don’t want to make too big a deal out of this. But what the hell is a Tin Tote? Is it something one uses to carry around tin?

It’s a lunchbox!

If it has a thermos inside, I may lose it. But I don’t think that’s the case.

And… breathe. OK. Much better now.

Six Million Dollar Man Tin Tote – Midtown Comics

The Six Million Dollar Man at

Apr 09 2012

Steve Austin and Bigfoot—Unfairly Expensive Toys

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 3, featuring Bigfoot

Season 3 had Bigfoot.

OK. Here’s the deal. Apparently humans will soon have the opportunity to purchase action figures toys dolls action figures of Steve Austin and Bigfoot. But the price is unfairly expensive. Read more »