Apr 20 2009

More Pics Of Miss HowardTV Becky Wunder

On the Howard Stern Show today, they introduced Becky Wunder, the lastest Miss Howard TV. They posted some candids of her on HowardStern.com, but we found a bunch more online. Not nude, but not all that safe for work. After the jump. C’mon, take a peek. Read more »

Apr 01 2009

DadNews Daily – No Foolin’

We should probably think of all kinds of hilarious pranks to pull for April Fool’s Day. But not here. Maybe in another post. See? I’ll keep you guessing. All of this stuff really happened, at least as far as I know.

The Times might know who the Unknown Soldier was. Or rather who his dad was. Would that make him the Known Soldier? Would I have to buy new t-shirts? Read more »

May 05 2008

What was that you said, Senator?

Ooops! Not safe for work.

John McCain says the C Word (not to his wife this time)
(Howard Stern Show via YouTube)

Feb 26 2007

Let’s TALK about sex

As in, TALK. Not SHOW. Read more »