Jun 04 2012

Have A Zombie Playdate At The Walking Dead Escape

Walking Dead Compendium One

So you know that whole zombie apocalypse thing? The Walking Dead Escape is some sort of live action zombie playdate.

For $70, more if you wait too long to buy tickets, you have the opportunity to attempt to escape from zombies. In a stadium.

It’s unclear if the “walkers” are actors. I hope so.

We do know some things. There are rules. For example: Read more »

May 31 2012

What To Do If You Become A Zombie

So Now You're A Zombie

Have you heard about the zombie-like activity that’s been going on? No?

Really? I mean, it’s been all over the Internet. (This is a link to the stories. They are gross. Don’t click it if you don’t want to be seriously grossed out. Here it is. OK? We warned you.)

If you do find yourself turned into a zombie and you’re not sure how to deal with it, you can start by reading my son’s review of the book “So Now You’re A Zombie.”

Here’s a quote from his review for the book jacket:


So Now You’re a Zombie” image via Amazon

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Dec 12 2011

Book Review – So Now You’re A Zombie [Child Labor]

So Now You're A Zombie

Here is a review of the bookSo Now You’re a Zombie“, by John Austin. Review written by my older son. This does not count as child labor. Or so we believe. Read more »