Jun 16 2015

Shatner on Sunny Side Up Show

He’s gone where no man has gone before, and now he’s on the kiddie TV channel Sprout. Ladies and gents, here it is — video of William Shatner on Sunny Side Up Show.


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Apparently, Mr. Shatner is an expert on something called The Clangers. (Something tells me his appearance is mostly for the adults who have to watch Sprout with their little ones.)

But, y’know, Shatner. Is there anything he can’t do?


William Shatner's star on Canada's Walk of Fame

William Shatner’s star on Canada’s Walk of Fame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently he’s going to do some voice acting on The Clangers, which is a show we’ve never heard of but it seems that it used to exist and is being revived. (Michael Palin, of Monty Python fame, is also on it.) In addition to this, a quick news search tells us that The Shat will be on an upcoming NBC show with Henry Winkler (Ayyyy!), AND he’s driving cross-country on some sort of odd vehicle. You can read about all of that, as well as the fact that there’s apparently a fake Shatner on Snapchat, via the related links below. All this is in addition to the many other projects Mr. Shatner always has going on.

We hope to have half as much energy as ol’ Bill has at his age. Heck, I’d settle for having that much energy NOW.

Oct 16 2012

MTA Raises Fares, Can’t Spell

It appears that although the MTA is planning on raising fares, they can’t spell.

What do these two things have to do with each other? Nothing really. Except that they are both MTA-related. The MTA has indeed proposed a fare increase, although the details of said fare hike are unclear.

What is clear is that someone at the MTA, either a human or a sentient machine, can’t spell. But it’s bad spelling for a good cause.

The safety of you and your children.

This is from the New York Times Metropolitan Diary and was submitted by a Times reader, who writes that the following text “is a literal transcription of an electronic sign at the Avenue of the Americas-34th Street Downtown subway stop. All spelling, capitalization, line breaks are as found.” The submitter did capitalize the first line to “make it the title.” I’m OK with that.

Here, for your reading (dis)pleasure, is the text, or ur-text, or beat poetry, or whatever you want to call it, of an electronic sign in the service of the MTA. Read more »

Sep 19 2012

Guess What? Reading Is Good For Your Brain

A book being read

Turns out that reading is good for your brain. Duh.

But you know something? It’s good when people point this out. In this case it was an item on Huffington Post.

Reading is valuable — not only for entertainment or knowledge value, but for exercising your brain.

I never used to think about that aspect of reading. Then I saw an episode of Boston Public where Denny Crane, the character played by the possibly immortal William Shatner (toupee or no toupee, the guy has a lot of energy for an 81-year-old), visits a doctor to discuss his brain decay. (I’m simplifying.) One of the doctor’s suggestions was that Mr. Crane do more activities that exercise the brain — crossword puzzles, and yes, reading more books. That little moment of television stayed with me and I now make an effort to do crossword puzzles, play word games, and yes, read more books.

But that’s about me, an adult. (An adult who loves superheroes, comic books, and cartoons, but an adult nonetheless.) How about reading and kids?

A DaddyTip About Reading, And Why Reading Isn’t “Nerdy”

With children, it’s always a good idea to get them started with reading as soon as you can. Read more »

Jul 30 2009

William Shatner Talks About Writing Star Trek Books

What more need be said?