Apr 19 2014

SpaceX Launches Rocket Into Orbit | TIME.com

Remember when we said we were going to start getting more excited about space travel? This is us doing that.

SpaceX Launches Rocket Into Orbit | TIME.com.

Jan 26 2014

Let’s Get More Excited About Space Travel

Here’s an idea. Instead of endless reports about Justin Bieber and other mindless crap, let’s get more excited about space travel.

Captain Video And His Video Rangers

(This isn’t a picture of real space travel. It’s Captain Video and His Video Rangers. Old TV show.)

Live streaming video by Ustream

(By the way, the latest Bieber news, as of this writing, is that Usher flew to be by Justin’s side and offer emotional support or something. In case you’re curious. Who says this isn’t the DaddyTips age of having your cake and eating it too?)

On January 23, 2014, three days ago, NASA launched a Next-Generation Relay Satellite. No, not Star Trek: The Next Generation. Something real. The TDRS-L Satellite. Launched by NASA. Frickin’ NASA! And they broadcast the launch live on Ustream! And I didn’t even know! (The video is archived and embedded above. I was wrong. The video embedded above appears to be NASA’s live Ustream channel. Sorry. Here is a link to the video of the launch.)

Nobody cares. Why doesn’t anyone care? We should really care about this a lot more than we do.

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Sep 14 2011

Airport Security Now Easier For Kids

Getting through the airport security line with your kids has just gotten a little bit easier.

The AP is reporting that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told Congress, “Children 12 years old and younger soon will no longer be required to remove their shoes at airport security checkpoints,” and that there will be “other ways to screen young children without resorting to a pat-down that involves touching private areas on the body.”

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Apr 28 2010

Dad Says Son Is Not A Terrorist, Just A Little Dopey [I f—ed up]

If there’s one thing a father longs for, it’s the ability to tell a reporter that his son is not a terrorist.

A Delta flight from Paris was diverted to Bangor, Maine, according to ABC News, when a passenger named Derek Stansberry “created a disturbance”. Derek is from Apollo, Florida. I don’t know why, but that amuses me. Derek is in FBI custody, according to ABC.

So whom do you call when a 26-year-old does something incredibly stupid, like taking pills before boarding a plane, then passing a note to a flight attendant that says “Forgive me, I f—ed up, I’m sorry,” followed by telling federal air marshals that you have a bomb? Duh. You call his dad.

Stansberry’s father, Richard, told ABC News his son is a former Air Force reservist. The elder Stansberry said he was notified late Tuesday by authorities that his son was involved in the incident.
“He’s not a terrorist,” said the elder Stansberry of his son. “I just found out and I am in total shock,” he said.

According to ABC, the FBI says that Derek Stansberry did not have any explosives on him. They also said Stansberry had lied about having a fake passport.

Video report from ABC News:

via Delta Flight 273: No Bomb Found on Diverted Delta Flight After FBI Investigation – ABC News

Apr 27 2009

United Airlines Starts a Fat Tax

Another airline is making plus-size passengers pay extra if they take up more than one seat. Read more »