Nov 02 2010

Mama’s Boy at [People We Like]

Christine Coppa is a single mom raising a little boy all by her lonesome, something that is near and dear to my heart. Why? Because that’s what my mom did. I can’t say that I know how difficult it is to be a single mom, because I am (a) married and (b) not a mom. Still, there are times in the life of any parent where they may think “ugh, this is how a single parent must feel”. When that happens to me, I think of my mom, and also Christine Coppa, who I interviewed on BlogTalkRadio awhile back.

Christine tells her story in the book Rattled!: A Memoir, which is a good read and costs less than ten bucks on Kindle.

Christine Coppa is now blogging for; the blog is called Mama’s Boy. Check it out!