Aug 22 2013

Dr. Phil Making Sure We Know He’s Gross

Not a big fan of Dr. Phil. Stuff like this Tweet, which he (or his staff) deleted but was saved by folks at, is a good reminder that he’s gross.

The vile tweet Dr. Phil deleted -

“The safe place to talk about hard things” indeed.

The vile tweet Dr. Phil deleted –

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Aug 28 2012

Duck Fetus Eating Contest Grosses Us Out

This story about a duck fetus eating contest in Brooklyn makes us nauseous.

We were about to write “But it shouldn’t because we eat eggs so what’s the difference?”

Then we read more of the story.

A word of clarification: they don’t call this food item a “duck fetus” because odds are nobody would eat it. Well, not as many people. The word used is balut.

And now we will explain what a balut is. And why we are, in fact, grossed out by the contest, despite the fact that we eat eggs.

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Nov 11 2010

11 year old gives birth, alleged 30 year old father arrested

File this one under “EXCUSE ME?” Not sure if it’s true but if so, ewwwww.

Oz girl, 11, gives birth, while alleged father of baby in 30`s is arrested (Syndey Morning Herald via

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Sep 14 2008

Chewing Gum Sculptor

[youtube: 285 247]

And it’s ABC gum. Ew