Aug 18 2016

Well That Got Weird Quickly

Nice article about Star Trek Beyond (written by my former colleague at Babble, Whit Honea). Discussing whether or not it’s OK to take the kids. Spoiler alert: Whit says it is, with the caveat that your mileage may vary. (That’s usually the case, but I was glad to read that there wasn’t any blood and guts, which is usually what bothers me.)

Then I read the comments. I’ll let them speak for themselves.

Star Trek Beyond article insane comments

Generally it’s a good idea to skip the comments. In this case, though, I’m glad I didn’t. Because commenters responded the same way I did, which is to reply with a hearty, “What the hell are you talking about?” Or, to put it another way:


Here’s what parents can expect from ‘Star Trek Beyond.’

Source: Are Your Kids Ready for ‘Star Trek Beyond’? | Fandango