Feb 23 2010

Heavy Rain, not Chubby Rain


A new video game, Heavy Rain, is being touted by writers on CNET’s Crave blog as nothing less than the second coming of JesusElvisBunnicula.

Heavy Rain is by far one of the most ambitious video games to hit consoles in quite some time…Regardless of whether the story affects you, we guarantee you’ve never played anything like this before.

When I saw the name, though, I couldn’t help but think of ‘Chubby Rain’, the fake movie from the Steve Martin / Eddie Murphy flick ‘Bowfinger.’

Turns out there is a Chocolate Rain parody called Chubby Rain that makes use of ‘Bowfinger’ footage. There is also a club called the Chubby Rain House of Tunes.

More importantly, however, are these definitions of chubby rain from Urban Dictionary.

Chubby rain: a crime scene investigator term used to describe the phenomenon were in an obese or overly fat person dies in a room and is not found for quite some time. the result being that the large fat deposits and bodily fluids start to evaporate and condense on the ceiling, so when someone finally does find the body the first step into the room results in jaring the dense semi-liquid substance from the ceiling downward onto the unfortunate bystander.

Chubby rain: To urinate with a partial errection.
Chubby = the partial errection
Rain = the urine spraying everywhere

Anyway, the game is called Heavy Rain. Not Chubby Rain. Got it?

Heavy Rain: Playing with your emotions | Crave – CNET