Oct 22 2013

October 22 Tweet Round Up (Links)

You know that twitter thing all the kids are into? It’s not just young’uns that are tweeting. (Actually, for all I know, the kids are into something I don’t even know about yet. If so, don’t tell. Sometimes, in very rare cases, it’s easier to live in denial. And I don’t mean the river.) It’s grown-ups too. Especially Dad Bloggers, Mom Bloggers, Parent Bloggers, Pet Bloggers, journalists, celebrities… who knows. Octopi?? They’d be great at tweeting with all those tentacles.

Isn’t that cute? You could get it as a Halloween costume for your toddler. Pretty sure the extra tentacles don’t do anything except flop around, though.

But we digress. Here is a round up of some tweets we came across that we will now pass along to you, the reader, in the hopes that you will find them intriguing. Click a link or two. What else are you doing? Working? Don’t answer that.

And now… TWEETS!

Space news and pics via GeekDad:

This one is via HuffPo; the comment is from Brett Singer’s Twitter feed. Still not sure what the headline means. Likely will never know.

Next is via reporter Tamara Lush, who has the most awesome Twitter feed ever. Two words — Florida news. Another word — dogs. Follow her. You will not regret it.

Also from Tamara Lush, a less fun but still interesting news item about bullying:

Our last tweet is also about bullying, via the New York Times Motherlode.