Jul 19 2013

Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial Offer

You know what’s fun to do when it’s really hot outside? Sit inside with the A/C on and watch TV. You know what’s a good way to watch TV? Amazon Prime.

(This is an air conditioner. It makes your room colder.)

This is obviously a “click this link to try out Amazon Prime for 30 days for free” thing. That said, I use Amazon Prime and it’s really cool. The free shipping is nice, but the TV and movie library is very deep. There are even some titles that Netflix doesn’t have (and vice versa).

The bottom line is that you can try out Amazon Prime for free. What’s bad about that? Nothing. So here you go.

Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies

What have I watched on Amazon Prime? Bionic Woman.


No Six Million Dollar Man, but maybe someday.

Amazon Prime also has Downton Abbey. So you get stuff both nerdy and semi-highbrow.

It’s free for 30 days! Give it a try.