Jul 21 2011

Hugh Jackman at Comic Con Video

X-Men Origins: Wolverine DVD

Hugh Jackman showed up at Comic Con to talk about “Real Steel” and “Wolverine 2″. Here’s the video. Read more »

Jul 19 2011

Low budget X-MEN is Awesome [Links]

Someone sent me a link to this and it made me laugh. And it’s about superheroes and superhero movies, so it seemed appropriate for DaddyTips.

You could actually make some of these yourself. DIY X-MEN, anyone? (DIY Cyclops is the most clever, but DIY Wolverine is funnier. Cuz he’s got fork claws. Heh heh. Fork claws.)

Low budget X-MEN [meh.ro]

May 03 2009

Wolverine The Musical

“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” made big bucks in theaters, so naturally the next step is… a musical.

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